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Optionante’s Another Fresh Air in the Binary Options Industry

Optionante, a leading trading platform, has attracted a lot of customers and investors through FX margin and binary options trading. In coming weeks, the platform will be launching a product where customers will receive profits from a private investment fund gotten from special VIPs.

This product, the first of its kind, is an attractive move for the binary options trading company, and equally for investors who want to enjoy high returns. It is entirely based on profitability, and the revenue distribution rate will vary depending on the amount of investment received.

The funding target is $16 million, and the proceeds will be allocated once investors come on board. This ends on a first-come, first-served basis.

In a bid to respect VIPs’ directive to conceal their identities, the investment is only paid in Bitcoin. While this could prove to be controversial in the FX margin space, the anonymity of investors is preserved as they will invest using only Bitcoin.

This is worth paying attention to, particularly at a time when Bitcoin’s price keeps rising at a steady rate.

Also, customers can take their proceeds immediately and trade it for cash on Optionante’s 24/7 exchange. They can then withdraw from the platform freely anytime, without a contract period.

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