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Optionante Donates $50,000 to Support Victims of Tsunami Disaster

From Binary Options Trading to Humanitarian Relief, Optionante is Everywhere

For most people, especially in the finance sector, they know Optionante as a major platform for trading binary options and that is all they know about it. When it comes to commodities, trade currencies, indices and everything related to binary options, that is when one is likely to hear more of Optionante. However, what many do not realize is that there is a very charitable and humanitarian side to this financial brand. 

Financial Giant with a Human Face

Established in 2008 in Europe, Optionante is a financial brand that has recorded impressive success in its niche where it is growing at a tremendous rate but it is not stopping at that. It also takes its duties of corporate social responsibility very seriously. It is for this reason that it donated the sum of $50,000 to assist those who became victims during a tsunami. In a tsunami which is one of the most devastating disasters in nature, the people who survived the aftermath need all the help they can get. So when the tsunami hit, Optionante did not waste any time at all before swinging into action. 

Giving Hope to Victims of Natural Disaster

This year 2018 is a particularly bad one as far as natural disasters are concerned, from earthquakes to tsunamis to massive floods and wildfires, humanity had to confront all. Thankfully, the sum of $50,000 released by the binary options giant went directly into humanitarian and relief efforts for the survivors of one of the most tragic events of nature. This fund was a lifesaver for so many people because when such a catastrophic disaster like a tsunami happens, there is often the need for immediate help or assistance, failure to do so will lead to countless deaths. 

The fund will help in a lot of ways and saved numerous lives. Part of the fund will go to the provision of clean and drinkable water which went a long way in protecting the children and families from getting water-borne diseases like cholera and dysentery as a result of drinking impure or contaminated water. A tsunami typically destroys the city’s water system and there is always the need to provide fresh supplies of clean water – but that is only possible with funds. 

Walking the Talk

The provision of shelter, food supplies, clothing, and medications is also another crucial area where the donation from Optionante will help following the devastation by the tsunami. Even though it is a giant in the field of binary options trading, Optionante believes strongly that it can also contribute to the betterment of humanity in other ways. This explains its dedication towards charitable activities such as the provision of relief materials following the tsunami.

The binary options trading brand is not only involved in natural disasters but all kinds of humanitarian activities. As the profile of Optionante keeps growing, there is no doubt that it will do even more when it comes to corporate social responsibility. 

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