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OptioNante Donates $50,000 to Flood Victims in Eastern Africa

Heavy rains and severe flash floods across several parts of Eastern Africa have left more than three hundred people dead and thousands of others displaced, with cities in Kenya and Rwanda being the most affected.

An estimated 1 million people across East Africa have been affected by severe flooding due to heavy rains, causing families to abandon their homes in hopes of seeking higher ground. According to the UN, entire communities have been submerged with little to no access to healthcare and safe drinking water. Several relief agencies are already labelling the occurrence as ‘the worst flooding in a lifetime’, and the risk of hunger and disease threatens the region. 

Since the beginning of March, heavy rainfall has caused severe flooding in at least 32 (out of a total 47) counties across Kenya, which has displaced about 311,100 people, left 132 dead and damaged several hundreds of buildings.

Over 280 schools have been severely affected, large expanses of farmland have been submerged, and community water systems have been damaged in several counties. To make matters worse, the number of cholera cases is steadily climbing in the northern and eastern parts of the country.

In a bid to provide emergency assistance to flood-affected families, OptioNante recently donated $50,000 to flood victims in several East African regions. Families in Somalia, Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania will receive relief materials in the form of blankets, mosquito nets, cooking utensils, household items, clean drinking water, medication, food items and tarpaulins.

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