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Opera to Expand Crypto Purchase in US Enable Debit Cards & Apple Pay


Norwegian technology company opera has long been working towards achieving its Web 3.0 dream. As a part of that process, the Opera browser will now offer cryptocurrency purchases to its users in the US. This facility will be available in both mobile and desktop browser versions. Opera is executing this in collaboration with a U.S.-licensed money transmitter named Wyre. 

Opera users will now be able to buy Bitcoin (BTC) and Ether (ETH) directly from their crypto wallet in the Opera browser. Android and Apple users will need to use their debit cards and Apple Pay account respectively to make the purchases. 

Crypto purchases using the Opera mobile browser is already functional for over a year in the countries of Sweden, Denmark, and Norway. 

Opera’s crypto plans ahead
As of now, opera holds a fairly small market share in the US -at around 0.48%. In Europe, it has captured about 2.13% share. However, it is looking forward to rolling out crypto top-up facilities in other countries in the near future – starting with the US. 

Opera has claimed that users can start buying crypto using the Apple Pay solution in as less as 30 seconds. 

Opera’s crypto head, Charles Hamel commented, “In the past, obtaining cryptocurrencies was a cumbersome process that took hours or even days. When you compare it with this seamless solution, which takes less than 30 seconds, it really is a gamechanger.”

As of now, Opera claims to serve 320 million people worldwide. 

A bit about Opera
The company has been in service for more than 24 years. However, it has somehow been overshadowed by the likes of Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc. In a quest to remain relevant, Opera is now looking to ease up the process of crypto adoption across the globe. It seems to have started the process by introducing a crypto wallet, a DApp explorer, and other security and privacy tools.

It would be interesting to note, how Opera’s crypto ambitions shape up in the near future. 

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