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One of The Most Promising Projects of The Year, Benefit Mine, Announces ICO

One of The Most Promising Projects of The Year, Benefit Mine, Announces ICO

Benefit Mine is a centralized crypto exchange with ample opportunities for secure and transparent trading. An audit of its program code was carried out by the world’s leading security firm, Cyberscope, which rated it 9.3 points out of 10 possible. The project has currently launched an initial coin offering. Let’s figure out why Benefit Mine is considered one of the most promising investments this year.

ICO Announcement

The key difference between Benefit Mine and other popular crypto exchanges is the increased security of transactions as well as the opportunity to earn money not only on spot trading but also on long-term investing through the purchase of its own tokens, BFM. Now, everyone who shares this outstanding concept has an excellent opportunity to purchase these tokens at the lowest cost and yield significant returns over time.

Specifically, recently, Benefit Mine announced an ICO. It is the third stage of development of the Benefit Mine project, which will end on November 19, 2023, at 00:51. Thanks to this event, crypto enthusiasts all over the world can become full-fledged partners, contributing to its development and gaining opportunities for long-term profit by purchasing BEP-20 standard-based tokens that are part of the Binance Smart Chain network.

The total supply is 1,000,000,000 tokens, with a goal of 17,000,000 and a 0.011 USD value per token. The minimum amount of tokens available for purchasing is 700 BFM, and the maximum is 1,000,000 BFM.

After a successful ICO, the team strategically outlines the project’s trajectory. They opt to initiate an IEO, selecting exchanges known for their reliability and strong reputation to ensure the token’s stability. Upon the smooth conclusion of the IEO, the team integrates the token within the chosen exchange and diligently explores opportunities for listing on other prominent cryptocurrency platforms, aiming to extend its reach to a wider audience.

Get Stable Income from Investments in One of The Greatest Web 3.0 Projects of 2023

In general, there are several core reasons to take part in the Benefit Mine ICO:

  • A non-trivial model of interaction with traders. Benefit Mine has successfully implemented an extremely profitable model of mutually beneficial interaction with its users: as the project develops, the value of its tokens will grow, which means their owners will be able to significantly increase their wealth. This model is supposed to attract users from all over the globe who want to maximize their investments without relying solely on their trading activities.
  • Extra trading benefits for token holders. BFM token owners are entitled to discounts on commissions, and this is just the beginning – as the project evolves, the privileges for its partners will become more and more profitable.
  • Predictable increase in the value of tokens due to their burning. Benefit Mine offers its investors a token burn program with 20 levels (from 0.5% to 7%), in which users will be rewarded for their loyalty and contribution to the development of the platform. In general, 20% of tokens will eventually be burned or removed from circulation which, in the long term, will boost the percentage profit.
  • Security of both the transactions and investor funds. Along with the state-of-the-art security mechanisms implemented in this centralized crypto exchange and tested by the independent audit firm Cyberscope, Benefit Mine also ensures the safety of novice traders’ funds by providing a testnet where they can practice buying and selling cryptocurrencies without harming their real account. This gives the Benefit Mine project a significant competitive advantage over other crypto exchanges that do not have similar functionality and thus, makes it promising in terms of the constant growth of its popularity.

                                             How to buy BFM

Purchasing tokens involves six straightforward steps. Let’s examine them more closely.

Purchase BNB (Binance Coin) 

Before buying BFM tokens, a crypto wallet has to contain BNB – they can be bought on any crypto exchange.

Ensure WalletConnect compatibility

The crypto wallet has to be compatible with the WalletConnect standard. If it’s not, one of the popular compatible options, like Trust Wallet or MetaMask may be chosen.

Open the Benefit Mine website to connect the wallet

Click the link, choose the ‘Wallet Connect’ option, and follow the steps to connect the wallet to the website.

Define the appropriate BFM amount to buy

After connecting the crypto wallet, an option ‘AMOUNT’ will be available. Here, the amount of BFM tokens to buy has to be defined. 

Check the BFM allocation

To make sure the input data is correct, check the ‘GET AMOUNT (BFM)’ section – it automatically displays the number of BFM tokens equal to the predefined BNB amount.

Confirm the transaction

If all the entered data is correct, follow the recommendations to finish the exchange procedure. Also, make sure that all details are correct as well. After the confirmation, the transaction will be successfully processed. Then, open the Claim Tokens webpage to claim the purchase at the assigned time.

Looks great, doesn’t it? So don’t waste a minute and visit the official ICO website to become an investor in the Benefit Mine exchange. 

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