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Norway Crypto: Liberstad bans cash, thus creating a crypto-world in reality

Norway Crypto

Welcome to a new way of living.

A strip of land where you can maximize your political freedom and autonomy. Based on the philosophy of liberty, with roots tracing back to the ancient Chinese philosopher Lao-Tzu, and further back to the higher-law concepts of the Greeks and the Israelites. A new society is situated in the wilderness and governed by cryptographic protocols. A biblical haven that can lead the way to new-forms of cities and communal governance!

Tribute to liberty


Situated in the South-West of Capital Oslo, the Norwegian private-city (owned and operated exclusively by private individuals and/or organizations, all public services provided by the city and for the city) of Liberstad developed its own Blockchain (City Chain) technology back in October 2018. The autonomous city recently banned all kinds of cash and switched over to cryptocurrency CITY Coin as the only medium of exchange. The city is inviting people from all over the world to purchase land in the city and contribute to this initiative.

tribute to liberty

From the US Declaration of Independence to Thomas Paine’s common sense, the city of Liberstad shall be memorialized in history books and exemplified for it’s progressive monetary system of digital currencies.


Based on libertarianism principles and the concepts of freedom of choice, association, and individual judgement that developed under Levellers (political movement) and writings of John Locke. Liberstad, a city build on the philosophy that all human actions are essentially voluntary.



Established back in June 2017 on Tjelland in Marnardal Municipality, Norway. In a city where all property is private and all services are solely by private actors, approx 150 hectares of land (three-parcels) of Librestad are agricultural properties. A charismatic location with picturesque scenes and beautiful wilderness. Liberstad is barely an hour drive Mandal and Kristiansand.

Norway Crypto

Land-Owners by Nationality


Representing a truly autonomous and egalitarian reform structure for land ownership, over 100 land plots have already been sold within Liberstad. More will become available to purchase using CITY in the near future as more and more plots are developed along with infrastructure for farming activities.   


liberstad cabinLiberstad Cabins


The City Chain Blockchain

A Proof-of-Stake blockchain, City Chain enables the inhabitants of Liberstad to use the CITY coins for staking instead of mining. As a staker, you provide a service to the community and the network, and receive staking award in the form of new coins for every block you are selected to stake.


The blockchain will be used for numerous public/private services including but not limited to:

  1. Crypto-currency (CITY Coin)
  2. Property registration
  3. Vehicle registration
  4. Identification system
  5. Smart contracts
  6. Business registry
  7. Insurance
  8. Certifications
  9. Subscriptions


The digital token of City Chain, CITY Coin would be partially premined with the tokens donated to the following three non-profit foundations: The City Chain Foundation (20%), the Private City Fund (55%) (under development) and lastly the Private Business Incubator Program (25%) which is yet to start operations.


The New Money: Liberstad CITY Coins

CITY Coins would be used for payment of city workers, utility services, for funding civic projects and wages. From haircuts to local eggs, bread loaf to potters, artisans and miscellaneous payments would all be transacted using CITY coins. Till date, this is the most realistic adoption case of cryptocurrencies. A localized economy leading the change and marking a milestone for real-world use of blockchain technology.

Apart from being used directly as payment for products and services, CITY coins can be exchanged for other cryptocurrencies or fiat currencies on Liberstad Block Exchange. CITY Coin is traded at exchange with trading pairs USD/CITY, BTC/CITY and ETH/CITY.


Liberstad: “Freedom to live the life you want, without big investments and costs.”


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