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Noatun Protocol introduces its Sustainable Scalability Model to Optimize Blockchain Applications

Brand new blockchain project Noatun Protocol has raised more than $2.2 million to launch its sustainable scalability model for blockchain applications across various sectors.

Centralization has always been the hurdle that has kept the world from attaining financial and creative freedom. More so, it has been party to innumerable scams and frauds, with a handful of entities having complete authority on our data. However, blockchain technology has brought about a revolution that has somewhat been able to retain control and distribute it across the real stakeholders, rather than relinquishing it to the influentials. Blockchain is not a fad – and it has been proven time and again with successful applications in a number of industries – finance, supply chain, music, consumer goods, and many more.

Having said that, we cannot deny the fact that a more optimized implementation of this technology can have even greater positive impacts on attaining security, transparency, and accountability across infinite applications. Noatun Protocol is striving to achieve the same with its decentralized blockchain platform.

About Noatun Protocol

Noatun Protocol is a brand new blockchain project that has developed its platform to address the existing drawbacks of blockchain technology. While blockchain is undoubtedly the most viable solution to protect data privacy and instill security across all sectors with a centralized approach, it also has certain limitations in terms of scalability and wide-scale adoption. Noatun is a Networking Protocol that has built its platform to circumvent these challenges.

How is Noatun different from other blockchain-based solutions?

Numerous blockchain-based platforms have tried to address the problem of scalability. Some of them have been able to achieve a certain degree of it, but they have not been able to maintain the ecosystem in a long-term manner, due to various technical restrictions. Noatun’s Networking Protocol is aligned with the concept of sustainable scalability, through which it aims to trigger wide-scale adoption, while also maintaining its poise to hold its ground with a long-term approach.

To put it simply, Noatun Protocol is looking to explore various avenues of blockchain application and incorporate its sustainable scalability model to support a decentralized consensus mechanism. Once fully operational, it promises to disrupt various sectors, and distribute enough authority to relevant stakeholders. Noatun’s platform will benefit businesses and customers alike, and maintain a dignified decentralized ecosystem.

The project has already received positive feedback from prominent players in this space. More so, investors have put in more than $2.2 million to help Npatun speed up its development process.

You can follow Noatun’s progress on its official website:

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