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Nissan Accelerates into the Future with Web3 and Metaverse Technologies!

Nissan Accelerates into the Future with Web3 and Metaverse Technologies!

Nissan, a leading Japanese automotive brand, has recently announced its foray into Web3. Sources indicate that Nissan has registered four new trademarks associated with Web3 in the US, and its Japanese branch is exploring car sales in the metaverse. The USPTO (United States Patent and Trademark Office) trademark applications show that Nissan, Infiniti and Nismo, are covered under these recent filings.


About the USPTO Applications 

Mike Kondoudis, a trademark attorney at the USPTO, shared on Twitter that Nissan has filed several applications with the USPTO. He added that the applications show Nissan intends to develop some cool virtual garments, headpieces, automobiles, and trading cards, along with an NFT marketplace for trading and minting NFTs.

Nissan also announced plans to provide metaverse advertising services and comprehensive online entertainment services, such as videos, graphics, art pieces, music, and so on. Additionally, the company will launch a website that provides information about their proposed NFTs and their functionalities.


Nissan’s Move into Metaverse 

Those filings with the USPTO also indicate the development of a non-downloadable computer software, to serve as a digital wallet. Last week, Nissan’s Japanese branch declared the commencement of its three-month trial of the virtual store, “Nissan Hype Lab”.

This Nissan metaverse platform provides an opportunity for customers to evaluate, learn, test drive and purchase vehicles, with the trial running from March 8 to June 30. Customers can access the virtual storefront 24 hours a day, either on their computer or smartphone.

Nissan’s virtual Hype Lab is offering customers the opportunity to customize their own avatars and interact with their virtual sales staff during selected hours. Additionally, customers can place orders for their car and complete purchase contracts all through the virtual sales office. 

Nissan has also previously shown its intent to embrace new technologies, filing five trademark applications in October 2022 for its well-known car models GTR, Z and SKYLINE. According to Kondoudis, the brand’s new registrations showcase its plans to create and utilize NFT-oriented assets, including media, online marketplaces, digital wallets and so on.

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