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NFT Global Market and Enterprise Services Platform are being introduced by Ledger

NFT Global Market and Enterprise Services Platform are being introduced by Ledger

The Ledger, crypto hardware as well as a security firm, is introducing a non-fungible token (NFT) to the global market. According to statistics, 92 percent of global consumers spend seven to eight hours per day using digital products and multimedia resources.

Statistical Data to support this venture 

According to statistics, 92 percent of global consumers consume digital products and multimedia resources for seven to eight hours per day. Rather than having to consume just to kill time, the Ledger wishes to reward holders for doing just that. 

To explain their perspective and view of the earning model, they came up with the term “Entertainment 3.0” and launched it on the NFT marketplace.

About Ledger

Ledger Market, which is the company’s NFT e-commerce platform, takes priority over security, trust, and transparency. Clear-signing is a procedure that helps NFT market participants prevent scams.

According to, Ledger CEO Gauthier, Ledger has 2 million active users worldwide, and its innovation protects over 20% of virtual assets globally. With recent product developments, the company has entered the Web3 space after launching in 2014 with a focus on bitcoin. In May, it released Ledger Attach, a hardware wallet that enables people to connect to Web3 application domains.

However, before implementing Web3 Gauthier mentioned that it is Ledger’s responsibility to help consumers and all users understand the various latest technologies and when to use them, along with the process of using such applications.

It’s one of the reasons Ledger is debuting Ledger Quest, a basic introduction for learn-to-earn Web3-focused games along with NFT bonuses, as well as the Ledger Institute of Education, an educational system for users to expand their awareness and comprehensive knowledge of blockchain technology, security, and infrastructure.

Jean-Michel, Senior Executive Business Associate at Ledger, discussed and highlighted the impact and significance of security on web3. He also briefed about Ledger Live, which has been developed in combination with the company’s explosive growth into crypto assets such as NFTs. As a result, this new NFT marketplace must be a wise choice for artists and collectors.

Ledger also declared a Pro Team of famous people, including Deadfellaz, Mike Shinoda, Bobby Hundreds, and Dan Held, who will serve as company ambassadors by educating their various communities on Web3.


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