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NFT Collector Sues OpenSea Following a Phishing Scam

NFT Collector Sues OpenSea Following a Phishing Scam

In a move that has shocked the NFT world, Robbie Acres, an avid NFT collector, has taken legal action against OpenSea NFT Marketplace for keeping his account locked following a scam.

The scam was perpetrated by a malicious hacker who took advantage of a phishing attack to gain access to Robbie’s account and transfer out all of his valuable assets. This incident shines a light on the importance of proper security protocols in the world of non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

It also highlights how vulnerable collectors can be when dealing with online marketplaces like OpenSea. However, it took 48 hours for the OpenSea to respond, during which time the hacker sold his assets at a lesser price.

Platforms like OpenSea must take responsibility for their customers and ensure they are protected from scams. It seems that this is not an isolated incident, as other OpenSea users have also reported similar problems with their NFTs. 

How to Protect an NFT Account from a Phishing Attack?

1. It is important to never give your wallet information or recovery codes to anyone. Doing so can risk your funds and lead to financial loss.

2. Do your due diligence before investing in an NFT and verify the seller’s marketplace account.

3. Another way to identify an NFT scam is to look for transactions that happen in one day. If a large number of NFTs are being purchased or sold in one day, it could signify that something fishy is going on.

4. It is always best practice to visit the site directly and not click on any suspicious links. This will ensure that you are not being scammed and that your money and personal information remain safe from malicious actors.


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