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New Afdah Movies List in Action Genre Beats Netflix


Afdah updates its platform with the latest action movies of 2020, which you won’t even find on Netflix. You can stream all of those and more, for free on Afdah Movies. 

This is great news if you are an action movie lover. Free online movie streaming site Afdah struck its content game on point. It has updated its already extensive movie library with the latest and most sought-after action movies of 2020.

If you are spending a fortune on Netflix Subscriptions, and still not being able to access the latest action movies, then Afdah has you covered. It has updated its platform with the most recent action-genre movies, that you will not even find on Netflix. 

Afdah Movies List 2020

While Netflix is one of the premier online video streaming sites. It is surely missing out on the action genre. Here is a list of action movies (not available on Netflix) that you can stream for free on the free platform. 

  • Mortal Combat Legends: Scorpion’s Revenge
  • My Spy
  • The Hunt
  • Bloodshot
  • Bad Boys for Life
  • Superman: Red Son
  • Guns Akimbo
  • Underwater
  • Dolittle
  • The Rythm Section

Apart from these, there is an entire repository of action movies that you can stream completely for free on Afdah Movies. 

No doubt, Netflix is extremely user-friendly with advanced features like a personalized recommendation,  watch-later, real-time notifications, etc. However, for the monthly subscription fee, you would expect to have access to everything under the sun. And it is surely not the case, especially for the Action-genre.

In this aspect, it is proving to be quite a competition for Netflix, as movie lovers are getting an extensive content library to choose from, and more importantly, for free. Though it does not look as flashy as Netflix, it surely has a lot of offer in terms of the content. 

Afdah is a recognized free online movie streaming site, that is known worldwide for its huge collection. It houses a huge index of movies, TV shows as well as web series. Apart from being extremely simple to use, the site regularly updates its content with the latest releases. Moreover, it’s has a well categorized and organized content layout. On top of that, the site is pretty flexible as it enables streaming across all types of devices – be it a laptop, mobile phone or even a tablet. 

So the next time you struggle to find your favorite action movie on Netflix, head straight to Afdah movies and stream for free. However, do not forget to use a secure and effective VPN service before streaming on Afdah, as it might be banned and illegal in some countries due to copyright infringement issues. 


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