NELO to Rebrand and Launch a Metaverse Focused Blockchain – NELO Smart Chain (NSC)

 The metaverse is the future, analysts suggest. Although it is not a new technology per se — and has been around for decades, the idea of extending the physical world to another parallel graphically rich space is exciting and would be massively beneficial to users. Furthermore, blending blockchain use cases into the metaverse results in a more rewarding environment, highlighting how shaping NFTs and DeFi can be to gamers and ordinary users.

NELO is Rebranding to Focus on the Metaverse

The creators in NELO are aware of the potential of the metaverse. They are now building a customized blockchain to power this futuristic tech. Thus far, there are inconveniencing limitations – especially on throughput and, by extension, scalability, capping legacy blockchains from hosting intensive metaverses which may negatively impact gamers’ user experience. For this precise reason, NELO is rebranding and launched their website on March 21 as they channel their efforts to release an active metaverse-facing blockchain. More information on NELO and their tokenomics will be available in their new whitepaper V1.

The NELO Smart Chain (NSC) Blockchain

The NELO Smart Chain (NSC) is designed from the ground up to meet the expansive needs of gamers, a divergence from the approaches taken by other chains. The team of self-driven developers of the NSC is already drawing inspiration from established innovators like Changpeng Zhao, who leads the sprawling Binance ecosystem. The blockchain is set for mainnet launch in September 2022. 

Ahead of this highly anticipated activation, the team has lined up a series of thorough testnets, ensuring that the blockchain functions without flaws and is operational as intended. Based on this specialized blockchain, NELO creators will deploy interactive metaverses with incentivization mechanisms open for gamers across the globe.

The Metaverse could be a $1 Trillion Market

Notably, the decision to double down on gaming and the metaverse is natural. Research studies show that the metaverse will command an $800 billion valuation in the next four years. Meanwhile, JP Morgan analysts are convinced the sphere will be a $1 trillion market, permanently shaping various sectors, mostly communication and gaming. With the integration of NFTs and DeFi, the metaverse would also change user incentivization, drawing in more players. Thus far, blockchain gaming is taking root, with thousands of developers across the board willing to trial NFTs and DeFi in the emerging GameFi sector. 

Launching a Protocol Customized for Gaming

NELO is a framework for building and connecting equally vibrant EVM-compatible networks to overcome the scaling and high fees obstacles seen on other blockchains. At the center of the NELO are the elements of speed, scalability, and security — distinguishing features the platform espouses as it plans to be a force in the multi-billion gaming and metaverse sectors. 

By default, NELO is adapted to meet user gaming needs with a robust support system for builders. The NELO ecosystem has open and free resources which will assist developers in transforming their vision, regardless of their complexity, into a reality launched on a secure and vibrant base layer.

Neloverse Game

In the early phase of planning and development of the initial game ‘Storm of War’, NELO discovered that they could create a blockchain that would provide their users with the fastest and most reliable system in the crypto world for gamification and the metaverse. 

With plans to release diverse games – it has already partnered with one of the top game development companies to develop Neloverse on top of NSC. Neloverse is designed as a play-to-earn NFT game that allows users to be incentivized while engaging in unique game experiences.

To facilitate a one of a kind experience on Neloverse, Neloverse will be announcing collaborations with large fashion brands to create exclusive experiences for its gamers. NFTs will also be a huge part of the Neloverse as LAND NFTs will be used to buy LAND spaces for these experiences and gaming benefits.

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