Need a Black Watch? Use BTC To Buy A Tactical Smartwatch With 12+ Functions

T1 Tact Watch Co: Midnight Diamond Smartwatch

Are you sitting on Bitcoins or other cryptocurrency waiting on something to do with it?  If a fan of technology and gadgets, this is your opportunity to gift yourself something nice.   T1 Tact Watch company recently announced they will allow purchases of their “Midnight Diamond” tactical smartwatch via Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP, and others.

If not familiar, this is one of the hottest smartwatches on the market currently.  It’s ranked a Top 3 of it’s class by various outlets because of its extreme durability, functionality, and blue-collar prices.   A black accessory that can blend with modern formal and casual fashions, it’s styled after 1980s and 90’s sports watches. Though throwback-inspired, the technology is 2020.  The premier T1 Tact Watch model also has over 12 daily use functions that range from sleep aids to workout and running analysis.   And the latest packages even come with some sort of display stand, a gift to new customers according to their twitter (@T1TactWatch).

Beware of Fakes

It’s being mentioned across the web, there’s low quality trademark counterfeits being sold at countless shops including ebay and shopify.   Horror stories seem to be the outcome of purchasing from these shops. The watches that are delivered to these buyers are not authentic. Most have various problems with the dial buttons, battery, and digital functionality.

The official online shop  of the brand is and the watch retails for $69.99 .  It’s also made very clear by the brand, no other website is authorized to sell or use their trademark.  Therefore, if you buy one elsewhere, it’s a fake branded wrist watch.

Durability of Solid Steel

This digital wrist watch is extremely durable.    The dial or watch head is solid steel, coated in a carbon material called ‘DLC.’ The digi-LED screen has a mineral glass face that’s similar to America’s gorilla glass covers.  To express the hardness of the watch crystal, the watch face was beat with a hammer in their durability tests video.  It did not break, crack, or fracture.  It’s also rumored to be able to take a low caliber gunshot without cracking or fracturing.  

In another video on the YouTube channel of T1 Tact Watch (see here), the  smartwatch was set on fire. The indestructible time piece did not burn, as it is indeed fireproof.    Extinguished with water, this did no damage to the watch either. The ‘Midnight Diamond’ is waterproof as well.  An all-weather, military tactical wrist wear designed for people in armed services, firefighter, and athletics careers.

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