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Neblio Joins Terra Classic As An Official Supporter

Neblio Joins Terra Classic As An Official Supporter

The Terra Rebels announced on Monday, through its official Twitter account, that Neblio, a major corporate blockchain, has become an official backer. Neblio will serve as an adviser to the developers’ infrastructure and financial teams.

It should be noted that Neblio is an organizational blockchain platform that facilitates the creation of decentralized apps (DApps). Furthermore, the platform offers support and advisory services for various blockchains.

Benefits of the collaboration

  • It is expected to encourage the development of DApps.
  • It might aid in addressing difficulties with developer pay.
  • Financial incentives might assist in the recruitment of fresh development expertise.

Last week, Terra Classic core developer Tobias Andersen, AKA Zaradar, warned to censor the web, highlighting the lack of development skills and financial incentives. Furthermore, due to the absence of working DApps, many have termed the network a ghost chain.

The story, however, is unlikely to last long since at least 18 DApps are actively developing to debut on the chain. Meanwhile, once the chain reaches full Cosmos technical parity and compatibility with Luna v2, this number is projected to skyrocket.

It is worth noting that, as mentioned by The Crypto Basic, the Terra Classic network is slated to become completely Cosmos-compatible in December with the v23 update. Meanwhile, Terra Rebels and Cosmos creator Jacob Gadikian are collaborating to attain technical parity with Luna v2. Edward Kim estimates the network will accomplish this goal by the middle of 2023.


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