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NBA Betting Markets Available at Crypto Sportsbooks

While making bets on sporting events is certainly not a new concept, sports bettors, both experienced and newbies have come about another way of enjoying online sports betting. This is through crypto sports betting on their favourite sports such as NBA, soccer, tennis amongst other sports. It still involves the same way of betting but now instead of using the conventional means of payment or using fiat money to bet, it instead involves the use of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Doge, XRP Ripple, and the likes offered by the casino. Discover the best online crypto betting sportsbooks on our website.

The advantage of using cryptocurrency is that as stated above, the wagers being made are still the same, but now with a more universal currency as it is not restricted by geographical location. Not only is cryptocurrency universal but it also preserves your anonymity and makes your transactions instant. These factors have endeared crypto betting to a variety of sports bettors, and now some sportsbooks deal solely in crypto bets. Yes, that’s how far cryptocurrency has come in the online betting industry.

NBA Betting markets and Crypto

In the National Basketball Association, there are about 30 clubs that belong to the association. The NBA is among the top professional sports leagues in the world and the sportsmen in this league are among the top paid in the world. For instance, of the best-paid sportsmen in the world, for instance, Stephen Curry of the Golden State Warriors amasses over $43 million yearly, with Russell Westbrook of Washington Wizards coming close with over $41 million.

The Association got established as far back as 1946 initially starting as the “Basketball Association of America”; however, upon combining with the National Basketball League, it got renamed to its currently used name in 1949. Given the fact that the game is widely known around the world, many persons follow the games even when time zones differ, this includes online sports bettors.

For a newbie bettor in the NBA, you might not be absolutely familiar with the entire betting market in the game. However, that is the purpose for which we have come up with this concise piece. Immediately you get to understand the basics and the betting markets in the NBA, you can then easily make bets, especially cryptocurrency bets like we talked about above.

The NBA, acronym for the National Basketball Association, is arguably the top professional men’s basketball league on earth. It draws multiple viewers both in the United States and worldwide, therefore it is not a surprise that a variety of betting odds are offered by several online sportsbooks.

The betting odds of the National Betting Association differ from one crypto bookie to the other, hence to get the most preferable ones, it is advisable that you carry out your own research and then a comparison between the variety of odds from the Bookies. We already simplified this for you at Crypto Betting since we have made available the best sportsbooks for crypto betting. 

When placing bets with Bitcoin, the common lines bet on include Moneyline, Spreads, and totals. You can also find these lines on other events that go on in the NBA. If you’re feeling a bit unfamiliar with these, you do not have to worry, we shall explain them below. So, keep on reading to get familiarized with NBA Betting at Crypto online Sportsbooks.

To engage in NBA crypto betting successfully, Firstly, all you must do is sign up with the Sportsbook, make your crypto deposits, understand the betting market and bet your preferred amount. For your proper understanding of the betting markets that are available, we have clarified the following below: 

Types of NBA Betting Markets available at Crypto Sportsbooks

Upon knowing how you can make deposits, the types of Bitcoin betting markets available include:

  • Point spread
  • Money line
  • Over/Under
  • Futures

Point Spread

It is also commonly called the spread, this refers to the number which the oddsmakers have chosen and which they believe will ensure persons equally wager on the two teams, one being the favourite, the other being the underdog. The favourite comes with a negative value such as -6,5. By this, it has been preferred to win by at least 7 points in covering the spread; however, the underdog comes with a positive value such as +6.5, which indicates that in covering the spread, it can lose by 6 points. 

Money Line

More recognized when betting on baseball or hockey, though it has now become more known when placing bets on the underdog. This betting market involves betting on the winner of the game. Similar to the above, the team regarded as being the least favoured, i.e. the underdog comes with a positive value (such as +120), whereas the favoured team is assigned a value with the minus symbol (like -140). To simplify things, let us make use of 100 in between both. For instance, where you bet on a favourite, the bet must be $140 to win the $100. On the other hand, if it is the underdog, then you need to wager $100 to win $120.


This is also called Total Bet, it refers to the number which the Sportsbook set in the prediction of the entire points both teams score in a match. Always keep in mind that notwithstanding the number which the Bookies set, whereby you wager less than 202.5, then you’re hoping the joint scores will be less than 202. While, if you’re betting above the total, you require 203 points or higher.


Another betting market available to Crypto bettors is betting on futures, that is on future events or the team that will win the coming competition. Odds are usually made available for the whole year. So, where a team is a favourite, it is assigned improved odds, while if certain events occur that can affect it, such as if some of its players develop injuries, the odds get reduced, for instance, while the team favoured to win the competition is assigned odds in value of 4/1, whereas the least favoured team could have odds in value of 600/1.

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