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Mylivechat: One of the best live chat solutions


Live chat software is an integral part of customer relationship management nowadays. Be it about acquiring new customers landing on your website, or providing support to your existing customers, live chat software offers a seamless and easy to use medium.zzz

Mylivechat is one among the best live chat software available around. It is easy to use and can be integrated into your website without much fuss. Once integrated, the visitors of your website can chat with support or sales agents and can get instant answers to their queries. It is an on-demand, pay as you go, no contract and cancel anytime live chat software solution.

How does it work?


Mylivechat helps visitors to connect with the company’s representatives on their website to get their queries answered. The user can start the chat by clicking on the chat button embedded on the website’s landing page. If a support agent is online, then a chat window (customizable according to the website page) will open and the visitor can start the chat instantly. In case no supports/sales agent is online, the visitor can leave a message which can be followed up by the agents when they are back.

In addition, the traffic of the website can also be monitored in real time. One can chat with multiple visitors at the same time. Each chat session has its own separate room tab in the agent’s console.

Getting started with Mylivechat for any website is very simple.

  • Register for a Mylivechat account and you will receive an HTML/Javascript code that is needed to be inserted in your website’s code.
  • Download and install the agent’s console for your Windows or Mac PC, or log in to the web version of the same.
  • That’s it. You can now start live chat online with your visitors.

Why MyLiveChat?

mylivechat 2

There are many live chat software available, but what makes Mylivechat unique is the fact that it is powered by “Cute Chat”. Cute chat is a fully-featured ASP.NET software that can support hundreds of chat rooms and thousands of visitors without any lag in the chatting experience.

Mylivechat is equipped with high load support, moderated chat, font/color/customization, emoticons, private messaging, profanity filtering, private chat room, ignore users features etc.

This chat system is Ajax based, which means no repeated reloadings. Many small to large website portals that are built for community building, live events, romance and dating, use the same system. Mylivechat is highly reliable and can bear many chat loads at a time. There is also an option for running moderated chat events that allow the user to run online chat events with industry experts where a website owner can have members to pay a fee to attend or get an author to pay a fee to hold a broadcast to promote their latest books. This function comes as standard with Cute Chat.

MyLiveChat: Plans and pricing

mylivechat pricing

MyLivechat offers a free plan, which supports unlimited chats. However, only one supports/sales agent can be online at a time. Other than this, MyLiveChat has four different paid plans.

The Starter plan, which costs $15 per month, is same as the free plan except the fact that you can make it white label. In both free and starter plan, 3 years of your chat history is preserved.

Then comes the Basic plan for which the user has to pay $ 29 per month with 2 seats, providing all the features of Starter plan but can preserve 5 years of chat history.

Next in line is the Corporate plan, which costs $59 per month. This plan offers 5 seats with all features of the Basic plan.

The Enterprise plan is costliest of the lot. For $99 per month, it offers 10 seats and includes all the same features of the Corporate plan, but with 10 years of history saving option.

MyLiveChat features

Unlimited operators and unlimited departments

Unlimited departments can be created, and an unlimited number of operators can be assigned to each department.

  • Customizable messenger

Company logo and operator photo can be customized and uploaded with greetings and system messages for visitors.

  • Monitor website visitors in real time

Visitor’s IP address, host name, country, browser type, pages visited, referrer address and other information can be accessed.

  • Chat transfers

Calls from one operator to another can be transferred, like a customer from a sales assistant to a support operator or from an operator to a manager.

  • Offline Messaging Delivery

When a visitor clicks on the live support graphic on the website in the absence of an agent, he/she can leave a message.

MyLivechat has a dedicated server option, using which the organisation’s version of Mylivechat can be hosted on a separate server. It is compatible with pop-up blockers, so visitors, operators, and administrators need not to worry about the pop-up blocking software disabling functionality.

My Live Chat has been tested to run on Microsoft’s Windows 98, Vista, Windows 7, Linux, Windows 8 and Mac OS/X. All the popular browsers (Internet Explorer 5.5+, IE10, all Gecko-based browsers – Mozilla 1.0+, FireFox, Netscape 7+, Opera 8.0+, Safari 1.3, Google Chrome) are supported by MyLivechat for both platforms like PC and Mac.

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