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My personal experience with Algowave AI Robots

Algowave AI Robotics is a trading prediction system that combines AI technology to provide up to the minute trading opportunities. After years of investing in the artificial intelligence behind human behavior, Algowave has developed an advanced robot that trades only when recognizing profitable monetary opportunities.

Algowave more specifically is an API that integrates with your Binance account to provide real-time trading opportunities 24/7.  Algowave uses real-time market predictions based on social physics. Focusing on a massive data set of human behavior, or rather a prediction oriented application. Algowave AI uses professional analysts along with the AI robots to provide trading opportunities in the cryptocurrency market.

Getting Started with Algowave.

Algowave utilizes, a virtual currency exchange platform, to leverage their trading AI-Algo. This means in order to utilize the advanced AI-Robotics from Algowave for trading, you will need to create an account and deposit money into your Binance account, allowing you to purchase various crypto-currencies.

After depositing funds into your Binance account, you will need to select the settings tab on to find the ‘API Management’. This will allow you to integrate your account with the Algowave API. If you have not done so already, you will be prompted to dual authenticate your account. Afterword’s you will be able to integrate with the Algowave AI. Once you have created your API (I named my Algowave) you will want to save the two keys to somewhere safe on your computer, you will need these again in a minute.

Need help creating your API? Follow the steps Here!

After obtaining your API keys from Binance it is time to head over Algowave AI Robotics and create yourself an account. After the account creation process, you will now have access to several trading strategies that can be incorporated into your crypto trading.

The last step is to send those API keys you obtained from to the team over at Algowave AI to finalize the integration with the Algo trading strategies. After sending the API keys to the team at Algowave, you will receive a confirmation email with all the details. After finalizing the confirmation email, Algowave will begin to build the trading strategy specifically for your account and will begin trading.

My experience with Algowave!

Creating the Binance account and integrating with the API is a bit of work and getting started can feel like a burden, but after using the platform for a few weeks, the investment is starting to pay off.

When I first started with the Algowave trading platform I utilized only a small amount of money ~ 1k USD. I invested in one or two crypto-currencies and let the API run for a week. In that week I made only a small return on my account. Doing some research and speaking with the Algowave team I invested more money and bought a larger variety of cryptocurrencies. Letting the Algowave AI do its thing for another week, I was surprised by the amount I made. Even with the fees charged by Algowave. I was coming out ahead and actually making a little extra money. 

Algowave is continuing to grow and improve on their AI-Robotics. They have an app and a website that can be used to monitor and modify your strategies. As an individual who trades mostly equities, Algowave has allowed me to expose myself to the cryptocurrency market and allowed the account to trade itself. At this time the only thing I can see hindering your experience with Algowave AI-Robotics is the transaction cost of trading the currency on and the settlement of your trade. These obstacles are out of Algowave control, but if they can provide a solution to this hindrance, they could see additional interest in their crypto-currency trading AI. Overall my experience has been pleasant. 

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