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Music NFTs: Invest and Earn from Felicia Lu’s Latest Work

Modern technologies drive all industries forward, and the music industry is not an exception. We see new ways to consume great music and a chance for every fan to be part of the musicians’ career growth.

The latest music industry trend is Music NFTs. Felicia Lu’s latest work coming out May 26th will be available on the platform on a Music NFT auction. Every fan will have the chance to become the exclusive owner of a super-rare audio & visual art collectible available in only 66 editions.

What is Global Rockstar, and how do Music NFTs work?

Global Rockstar is a platform connecting fans with musicians. Everyone can submit recordings and songs for funding, and everyone who’s a fan can invest after registering by email or Facebook account.

The platform provides a seamless experience for everyone. Musicians get paid for their work, and investors get part of the rights in the tracks they choose to invest. The rights give a share of the profits to successful hits. Blockchain is simple, transparent, and secure.

Since 2017, Global Rockstar has been a Web3 pioneer, offering music lovers the chance to purchase the ownership of music tracks through music NFTs. There are mainly two types of music NFTs:

  • S-Music NFTs, which provide ownership of royalties from hit songs, and,
  • C-Music NFTs, which provide ownership of unreleased recordings, are exactly what Felicia Lu’s latest work is.

What’s Felicia Lu’s latest work?

Felicia Lu has been busy in the studio lately. Among the many other tracks being prepared, one, in particular, is highly anticipated on the Global Rockstar platform – a rework of her well-known single “In Your Hands” that will be available on May 26th, at 1 pm CET.

” ‘In Your Hands’ is a song, one of very few actually, where I wrote about love in a positive way. It tells the story of trusting somebody fully and two separate roads emerging into one. As Global Rockstar approached me with the idea of creating a strongly limited acoustic version as the first Collectible Music NFT, I was beyond excited. Especially as I got to work with real violinists and pianists on this project. It was the first time I got to work with so many different musicians for a song of mine and the whole process was a dream. This version in particular captures the feeling I had when writing the song very well and I am happy I get to share it with you in such a special & unique way. Having the song as a collectible means a lot to me since only a few people will be able to actually play the song in the future. It just adds so much value to the song and I just hope everyone out there falls in love with this version as much as I did.” – said Felicia Lu

It is an acoustic version of the single written by Felicia and the founder of Global Rockstar – Christof Straub, himself, a gold and platinum awarded artist. It is a beautifully arranged piano and strings version, accompanied by Felicia’s lovely voice.

This version was never released before, and it will stay that way. It is expected to have a different exclusive video version for its fans. Several accessories and goodies will be available for the ones that will be top bidders in the investment process.

How does the Music NFT acquiring process work?

As an investor, all you need to do is register on the platform. Global Rockstar will provide everything from a digital wallet to contracts you’ll need to sign. The only thing you need to do is wait for the event patiently and decide how much you’ll be investing.

For the latest Felicia Lu’s track, the minimum investment that the platform accepts is 166 Euros (including tax). The auction will offer only 66 editions, and special prizes will also be available for the top bidders.

The one investor with the highest bid will receive the first iPhone demo of the recording and a handwritten lead sheet. A video call meet and greet is prepared for the top three bidders, and the top 10 bidders are getting signed merch.

About Felicia Lu

Felicia Lu is a German indie-pop singer and songwriter, and she has been competing in the nation’s Eurovision contest twice already. She’s well known for her unique voice and her extraordinary two-colored eyes.

The 26-year-old has more than 6 million Spotify streams and a very promising music career in front of her. Investing in her work may be highly profitable aside from the fact that this helps her build a notable and successful music career.

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