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Most Aggressive BSC-based NFT Marketplace, MetaMarket Set for Launch 

MetaMarket, the most aggressive Binance Smart Chain [BSC] based NFT marketplace, will launch in April, 2022. Powered by the MetaReserve team—a group of experienced and knowledgeable blockchain developers, NFT fanatics, and fintech professionals—MetaMarket aims at collaborating with brands and celebrities to create virtual and real-life utilities. 

Designed to offer a plethora of features to users, the MetaMarket NFT marketplace, once launched, will reward potential buyers for purchasing exclusive NFTs from the BSC-based marketplace. First, holders of unshared or private MetaMarket NFT collections will receive $POWER governance tokens, offering them a chance to vote for significant events to take place on MetaReserve. Additionally, you will receive rewards in airdropped $POWER periodically. 

Secondly, MetaMarket users will get whitelisted for NFT collections that will launch on the aggressive NFT marketplace. 

NFT Collections on MetaMarket 

MetaMarket introduces three super-rare, unique, and well-designed NFT collections with peculiar attributes and lagniappes. 

The compendiums are: 

Tom Zanetti’s Exclusive Party Impeccable Club 

Interweaving culture and lifestyle with music, Tom Zanetti’s exclusive party is a group of 10,000 friends partying on the metaverse. Hosted by Tom, a renowned DJ, and owner of most clubs on the metaverse, each NFT comes with unique characteristics, special access, and impeccable fashion statements. 

Holders of these NFTs will receive early access to community-only parties, private NFT collections, exclusive music drops, community lounges, and other exciting events. 


Powered by EPOWERS, eBike NFTs are a collection of 3,120 next-generation NFTs split into three categories—Platinum, Gold, and Silver. 

Described as the most beautiful and incredibly lightweight e-bikes designed, EPOWERS is sturdy, comfortable, and stable, helping you overcome obstacles. With components beautifully crafted in Europe, ebike offers certain rewards to users—ebike GP race tickets, shares to EPOWERS, an opportunity to win an EPOWERS competition bike, and lifetime access to EPOWERS private community and metaverse clubs. 

BYD NFTs—the first set of collections pegged to SEV shares 

BYD, an automobile company that prioritizes users’ by incorporating innovation, vitality, and spirit into car designs, has launched a set of 2,400 unprecedented, peculiar, and well-crafted limited edition NFTs. Since 1995, BYD has grown exponentially, becoming one of the largest private-owned enterprises in China. 

According to a recent report, Sime Darby—a Malaysian conglomerate—has entered a partnership with BYD to deliver over 500 e6 electric cars to a private hire, making it BYD’s biggest sale till date. Speculated to be worth over $60 million, the contract will see the Chinese auto company deliver 100 e6 vehicles to ComfortDelGro Corp—a taxi giant. 

Riding on the principle of “zero-emission energy,” BYD has collaborated with MetaMarket to build and launch a virtual showroom for the Chinese automobile enterprise. According to both parties, the gallery will serve as a business center that showcases BYD and SEV [Singapore Electric Vehicle] cars. Expected to be available soon on MetaReserve’s metaverse, holders of the NFTs will receive a digital collectible pegged to real-world SEV shares. Furthermore, these holders will receive limited edition physical products, real-life access to a virtual VIP experience, and invites to private events. 

Slated to launch in April 2022, MetaMarket, as an aggressive NFT marketplace, is taking the long road as it seeks to reward users for buying and selling NFTs on its platform. Leveraging blockchain technology, MetaMarket aims at promoting the concept of decentralization while setting in place an excellent reward structure for brands, communities, influencers, users, and collectors. 

MetaMarket is one project to keep your eyes on! Join MetaReserve Discord to know more details! 

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