Monster Molecules Means Utility!

Monster Molecules Research Lab (MMRL) is about to provide revolutionary functions and utilities to the NFT world and ultimately the Metaverse with 5,555 monster molecules. Molecules with the utility? Yes, these molecules are of use. Monster Molecules are all about Utility!

What is NFT Utility?

Crypto Punk and BAYC (Bored Ape Yacht Club) are well-known NFT projects. They are widely viewed as success stories and a benchmark for other NFT projects. But the likelihood of finding and obtaining a high-flying NFT is quite slim. Some of the experts and advisors suggest paying attention to NFTs with utility, purpose, and a strong community. They say: “You cannot go wrong investing in a project with solid real-world value.” This means that NFTs will increase in value, justifying the investment.

What is the NFT utility? Just now one can briefly break the NFTs into some categories according to the utility. The first NFTs were only useful for artists and musicians – that’s when Crypto Punks appeared. But the unique properties of NFTs were shortly noticed in different IRL industries, as well as in the cryptocurrency world. In cryptocurrencies, NFTs are becoming the basis of a new multi-year trend, the Metaverses. With the NFTs, ownership of lands and in-game items are acquired, and users trade and gain income from the NFT’s price rising.

IRL NFTs are used to conduct marketing activities for luxury and sports brands, fashion, and wearable. There are projects where NFT is used to fundraise for scientific research. And the general approach to reviewing NFT as investing tool is expanding. But so far there are almost no cases where NFTs would be useful for education, increasing expertise, or training in highly demanded professions. Monster Molecules is changing that situation and becoming one of the first NFT projects with educational value.

The Monster Molecules utility means access to the most valuable intangible asset – knowledge, or rather, education. Just as the well-known Bored Apes created their Yacht Club for the rich and famous, the Monster Molecules form a community of nerds for everyone, with 5,555 NFTs. Monster Molecules holders will get professional training and certification opportunities in cloud computing, Microsoft products, Adobe products, cybersecurity, and blockchain. Some lucky ones will get to do professional executive programs at prestigious universities and micromasters or nanodegree from pre-determined platforms and universities.

Unleash the monster inside of you!

An important feature of Monster Molecules is that there are no boring lectures and seminars, but this is an NFT project with colorful and funny pictures that are no worse than the recognized Crypto Punks and BAYC. But Monster Molecules are better because they provide real utility in the real world in addition to the ability to trade NFTs on marketplaces like OpenSea. How did Monster Molecules appear?

It is known that the evolution of all life on Earth is based on the action of important molecules such as Carbohydrates, Lipids, and Proteins. The creators claim that it was these molecules that reigned in the Monster Molecules Research Lab (MMRL) until something unusual happened. After “a powerful, almost blinding lightning stroked all territories”, Carbohydrates were “mercilessly hit by the scalding lights, charging them with malicious energies, forever changing them, forever mutating them”. They all dropped into the new Metaverse, where users can now find them and form the genesis clan of 5,555 members along with the monsters. Creators are fusing the fun elements of the NFT with the core elements of training as an experiment toward a greater outcome. A total of 5,555 NFTs are divided into 3 categories:

– 555 NFTs for early adopters;

– 2K NFTs for Whitelisted;

– and 3K NFTs for Public Sale.

The tokens are non-fungible, that’s why they differ in utility, benefits, and value IRL. The early adopters will get the most: airdrops, additional 4 NFTs minting, and the full package of professional training and certifications, etc. The Whitelisted members get NFT Giveaways; additional 2 NFTs minting, and a comprehensive package of training and certifications. But those who receive NFTs during the Public Sale also will gain access to many online and offline learning opportunities from world-class university programs in various development skills such as graphic design, cloud computing, cyber security, data analytics, blockchain technology, leadership and etc.

Monster Molecules is democratizing education with NFTs for Micro-credentials. However, NFT holders are getting not only short, bite-sized courses to stack them for a bigger credential. They are parties of dynamic conformity that support social learning. And what is also important – they can gain money as early investors in NFTs with utility, which are (highly likely) the future of the NFT Space.

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