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Microsoft will soon end the reigns of Windows phones!

Microsoft Windows

The tech giant Microsoft will end the support for its Windows smartphones. Once upon a time, Microsoft had the potential to beat BlackBerry, iPhone and the devices running Android OS.

Microsoft announced on Friday that anyone who is still using Windows 10 mobile platform should ditch the phone. Microsoft smartphones run Windows Operating system. Hence if you were using it you need to think of alternatives.

Thurrott spotted the subtle change made to the support page of Windows 10 Mobile. Thurrott keeps tabs on Microsoft’s announcements and news.

The tech giant revealed that it would stop sending the new security updates from 10th of December 2019. Microsoft will also stop free assisted support, technical content updates, and free support. By the looks of it, Microsoft will also stop in-security hotfixes. In simpler terms, Microsoft will not send the updates anymore. Only a few Windows Phones will get support till the date comes.

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What’s the word from Microsoft?

In the official statement, the tech giant said, “With the Windows 10 Mobile OS end of support, we recommend that customers move to a supported Android or iOS device.”

Microsoft’s mission to empower organizations and people will never stop. Microsoft still wants to achieve more. This desire compels the company to support the Windows Phone apps on Windows platform as well as devices.

On the other hand, Microsoft put some effort in Android and iPhone platform with its Office products. Samsung and Microsoft are currently in partnership with one another. Samsung and Microsoft are working on some version of the high-end Galaxy devices. The Galaxy devices come with pre-installed Microsoft Office. The tech giant had huge plans for its Windows Operating System on Mobile devices.

Microsoft stunned the world in 2010. Bill Gate’s company introduced the refreshed version of Window Phone 7. MS came forward with a parade and said that both iPhone and BlackBerry are dead now. Later the company acquired the Finish mobile maker, Nokia’s mobile unit to built new and improved Windows Phones and products. This move was a total failure.

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Why didn’t it work?

The company reportedly lost $7.6 billion in acquiring Nokia to make Microsoft mobile products. By the looks of it, there are ample reasons why Microsoft Windows Phone failed. One of the major reasons is that the app store did not have enough apps. Even the app store lacked the popular apps which were present in iOS and Android. The former head of Microsoft Windows Phone, Terry Myerson shared a few words with the public related to Windows Phone’s failure.

The major devices that have been withdrawn from getting the services are Microsoft Lumia 640, 640 XL as well as the Lumia 535. WhatsApp and Skype have withdrawn their services from Windows phone already.

Facebook Messenger has cut off its services from Windows Phone. Facebook informed the customer about the change via an email. Some of the critics also said that the Windows Phone apps are pale when compared with its Android and iOS counterpart. According to the reports, Microsoft will also stop supporting Window 7 OS in computers.

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