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Microsoft Edge thinks Daily Mail is an untrustworthy source of news

Microsoft Edge

The Microsoft Edge users got a brand new feature. The feature will aid them in the day to day web browsing. It also helps the users to protect themselves from fake news on the internet. Microsoft Edge is available for both iOS and Android. Microsoft integrates NewsGuard in its Edge browser.  

What is the NewsGuard?

NewsGuard is a fresh organization aiming to evaluate the online media outlets’ reliability. The users get a quick rating about whatever they are reading is true. Microsoft’s plug-in comes with a packaged Edge Browser. People should start taking an interest in the latest Microsoft’s development.

The feature got introduced just recently. Nevertheless, the NewGuard integration has begun amusing most of the users. Reports are suggesting that people are pleased with the inclusion of NewGuard. The nature of the alliance depends on a person’s perspective. The most notable mention is related to the Daily Mail website. There is also another website called Mail Online, marked as a flagged up website.

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Edge and NewsGuard’s alliance

The Edge update came into being with a small promotion from the company. The Guardian became the first media outlet to flag NewsGuard. According to the Guardian, the Edge browser users will get a notification when they will visit the Daily Mail. The warning reads: – Proceed with caution. Daily Mail website fails in maintaining the basic standards of accountability and accuracy.

Over the years, utilizing the fact checkers for rating news content on the web is getting extremely popular. This move allows an organization to spot the misleading, inaccurate and falsified news that destroys the very essence of inter-webs. The sensitive contents often lead to major political controversies across the world. The companies providing fake news generally aim to gain maximum profit in a short time.

The solution to eliminating the falsified information

Facebook came up with this solution for rating news long before. NewsGuard thinks it will lead where Facebook couldn’t. The new Edge feature will use the real-life human beings in real time for performing the evaluations. Back in August, NewsGuard told Wired, they are hiring 40 reporters. Also, a dozen freelancers are working round the clock through 4,500 websites.

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People using the desktop browser can install the NewsGuard plug-in. Some individuals like using the mobile version of Edge browser. NewsGuard is already a part of the updated app.

NewsGuard warns most of the visitors that the Daily Mail site publishes contents that often damage the reputations of the people. Some of these contents also spread a widespread alarm among the readers. Daily Mail also publishes the contents which speak volume about harassment along with intervening of privacy.

On multiple accounts, Daily Mail is instructed to pay the damages it makes due to high-profile cases. The site currently has a rating of one for credibility out of 5. Steve Brill, a co-founder of NewsGuard, said that they had taken attempts to make contact with the people of Daily Mail.

Microsoft will bring the fake news fighting to a broader audience with its updated Edge browser.

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