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Microsoft Casts Away Another Platform Chance with Cortana’s Concession Speech


During Cortana’s short life as a voice agent, the Microsoft’s fourth primary voice-driven agent maintained a good friendly relationship along with Amazon Alexa. However, the digital persona will not compete for market dominance with Google Assistant or Alexa anymore. Besides, how Cortana will carry on its relation with these juggernauts continues to be unclear.

The major fall

Microsoft fell behind quickly in its attempt to build a fourth primary virtual assistant. Why? The major reason is that Cortana lacked a potent mobile base like Google or Apple voice assistants. And though Cortana failed to make an impact in the market, Microsoft still could use something for help. Well, most people ask their smart voice assistants to play a radio station or to switch off their dishwasher. Some others look for a trusted agent that sifts through their office space content and retrieve information in storehouses like Microsoft Teams, Exchange, etc.

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Microsoft seems to be on such a path when you talk about Alexa. However, Google’s and Amazon’s agents now make it simple for 3rd parties to build their own skill sets. Though, Microsoft has the power to control endpoints via which these requests may be brought it. This is a trouble for the company which has had to retreat completely or partially from several next-gen platforms. The platforms include wearables, smartphones and latest, home speakers.

Withdrawal symptom

Microsoft’s withdrawal from the race shows considerable financial shrewdness. For instance, the tech company chased the iPod market along with the help of Zune. And now, during a time when Apple has a strong hold on its wearable revenue, the Microsoft Health Band is like a long lost memory. While HoloLens continues to crown the client tech, it has horizontal application choice and limited distribution which make it a royal purchase.

Microsoft could use an asset that the company’s success in the cloud-based segment protects people from client platform battles. This is especially true when people interact with businesses that use its services and makes tech selections for them. However, Microsoft remains to struggle to set anything which surpasses the computer. On the other hand, Apple holds a strong position in AR and wearables and is willing to take in high volume 3rd party home speakers.

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About a year ago, Microsoft held a clean issue which began due to the fast retreat of Windows 10 as the only OS option; the column concentrated on the software. However, as Microsoft understands that rearranging Windows as well as its device business in a single group, both companies thus work together. It seems like they are splitting based on the recent Windows 10 preview build.

Microsoft hasn't still expressed how it plans to position Cortana. However, Satya Nadella, CEO, Microsoft provided a clear explanation till now. Cortana will not compete with Google Assistant, Alexa or Siri and will indeed be a skill. That’s not to say that Siri is most inappropriate among all, with it announcing Stan Lee’s death erroneously last year. There were reports of it also activating while a UK Parliament Syria based hearing was going on.

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