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Michael Saylor will be left with nothing once Bitcoin crashes to $24,000: Crypto Whale

Michael Saylor is Concerned About the New Proposed Regulation of Bitcoin Energy in New York

Famous crypto Twitter page Crypto Whale recently tweeted and took a dig at Bitcoin and Michael Saylor.

They said that when bitcoin crashes to $24,000 later this year, Michael Saylor’s BTC will get liquidated and he will be left with nothing.

He will no longer be called a Bitcoiner. And because of all this, he will be ousted from the post of CEO.

And this is the reason why they do not recommend people waste their money on bad coins like Bitcoin.

Michael Saylor’s MicroStrategy’s total bitcoin holding

MicroStrategy, a US-based business intelligence software firm, purchased a Bitcoin worth $25 million during the February 2022 market slump.

At an average price of $37,865 per Bitcoin, Michael Saylor, the CEO of the firm, had purchased another 660 Bitcoins in starting of this year.

According to reports, MicroStrategy is the largest business investor in the world’s most valuable cryptocurrency. More than 1,25,000 Bitcoins have been amassed by the firm thus far.


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