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Mexico Got Its First Bitcoin ATM

Mexico Got Its First Bitcoin ATM

Bitcoin Archive, the most popular Bitcoin news site, tweeted and broke the news that Mexico’s first Bitcoin ATM had been installed inside the Senate.

The setting up of ATMs in Mexico

It was Senator Kempis’ goal to get Mexico’s senators on board with bitcoin when he teamed up with a company called ChainBytes, which manufactures bitcoin ATMs, as well as a company called Axolotl Bitcoin, which will operate bitcoin ATMs out of Mexico.

The Bitcoin ATM in Mexico was put in the lobby at the request of Senator Indira Kempis of Nuevo León, with the goal of promoting freedom, inclusiveness, and financial education.

The ATM, which will be operated by the business Chain Bytes, will enable lawmakers to conduct electronic currency buy and sell activities with an equivalency of $795,618 pesos for each Bitcoin.

During the ceremony, Monreal Vila revealed that bitcoin ATMs, such as the one in the Senate, are already in place in various Latin American cities.


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