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The metaverse has become a haven for brands to unveil their products uniquely and gain traction. The virtual universe alongside blockchain has opened the doors for start-ups to have a digital presence and develop their products in ways that connect with consumers. Customers are more anxious to purchase products from brands with a presence in the metaverse than ones in the physical world. 


Apparel brands, such as Adidas and Nike have leveraged the evolving blockchain technology and popularity of NFTs to launch their virtual economy in the metaverse. These brands have one goal – to transform the fashion industry and onboard the physical economy into the metaverse. With the metaverse projected to be worth trillions of dollars in the future, the fashion industry, worth $3 trillion, can play a big part in the virtual economy. MetaWear is part of this revolution.

MetaWear is Leveraging the Metaverse Economy to Transform Real Brands

Fashion is life and an expression of people’s desires and dreams. However, the cost of textile production, sampling, transportation, designing, selling, and marketing in the real world is exorbitant, not to mention the pollution and waste associated with production. Metaverse projects, such as MetaWear, assume a pioneering role in the metaverse to build a new fashion world that mitigates these problems.

It is the fashion bridge between the physical and the virtual world. Also known as the “Fashion for Metaverse”, MetaWear aims to alter the model of sampling, manufacturing, selling, and marketing with cutting-edge fashion technologies. According to MetaWear, changing the norm in designing, marketing, and manufacturing will reduce the cost of production by 20%, waste, and sample traffic. By reducing sample traffic, brands will sell their crafted products without producing a sample. 

According to the founder, business engineer, and Turkish academic Dr A. Bahadir Yener, “the new real is what you can imagine in the metaverse.” MetaWear is creating a full-scale fashion world that involves all aspects of manufacturing, distribution, and selling of clothes as NFT wearables. This ecosystem comprises; MetaWear Design Academy for learning the art of designing fashion wears, a MetaWear Design Office for creating illustrious designs, and MetaWear Fashion Shops for buying collections from real-world brands. 

MetaWear offers interested participants the opportunity to invest in MetaWear Real Estate Property. You can purchase or rent a store in the metaverse with the $WEAR token. In addition, you can buy to rent to earn $WEAR tokens. The beautiful thing about this is you don’t have to find clients for your property, as MetaWear repurchases it from you and, on top of that, gives you purchase back guarantee. 

Early Stage Adoption and Private Sale 1 (Feb 2022)

Although MetaWear is in its early stage, the project is showing lots of potential and is already attracting real-world clients from around the globe. Presently, the project is backed up by prominent venture capitals, such as Gem Token Search GTS Ventures and Insiders Ventures.

At the moment, MetaWear is gaining traction in countries such as the U.K., Japan, Azerbaijan, Russia, Ukraine, India, and Turkey, the home of the project owner. Summarily, the project has received investments requests from more than 100 countries. The idea of onboarding the fashion industry into the metaverse is great, and the world wants to take part in the revolution created by DeFi projects, such as MetaWear.

Mr Yener has an ambitious plan to onboard several famous brands into the metaverse. According to him, signing Armani, Gucci, and Prada is one of his objectives. He fancied the idea of wearing a Prada suit to meetings in the metaverse.

MetaWear already has some engagements with popular textile companies and is on the verge of becoming the most prominent digital multi-universe fashion shopping platform for NFT clothes in the metaverse. 

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