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Metashooter – Play-to-Earn Hunting Metaverse Built on Cardano

Metashooter: Play-to-Earn Hunting Metaverse Built on Cardano team is pleased to announce the giant strides it has taken to take its play-to-earn hunting metaverse to another level. Offering the players amazing features and incentives that will make their participation on its platform worthwhile. Currently, there is no such competition for this hunting metaverse right now, especially for the Cardano blockchain users. It is a very unique opportunity for the users to be part of.

What is MetaShooter?

MetaShooter is the world’s first decentralized blockchain-based shooting metaverse, uniting millions of hunters. The MetaShooter Built on Cardano team is thrilled to inform you that it has achieved substantial progress toward its aim of advancing the play-to-earn hunting metaverse. The firm is enticing players with fantastic features and rewards to make their time on the platform worthwhile. There is currently no such competition for this hunting metaverse, which is especially true for individuals who use the Cardano cryptocurrency network. To be a part of this is a really unique and exciting opportunity for users.

MetaShooter’s characteristics include the following:

Explore actual hunting: Compete in tournaments and multiplayer modes while enjoying beautiful graphics and VR compatibility.

Hunt & Earn: Earn tokens through capturing prizes, winning competitions, and more.

Modify & Upgrade: Purchase, upgrade, and customize your hunter’s equipment.

Develop: Purchase hunting fields, construct towers, and breed NFT dogs to generate passive revenue.

Discover the vast world: Experiment with a variety of landscapes, beautiful sights, and lifelike dynamics

The theme of MetaShooter:

Additionally, our team intends to bring the hunting passion into the new technology named metaverse.

This unique game will take place on a metaverse island that will serve as the primary playground for MetaShooters. The island will be covered with rivers, lakes, forests, wetlands, and valleys, among other features. These world elements will be interconnected to create an open-world environment.

As is the case in the real-world hunting sector, each MetaShooter NFT will have unique specializations that will determine the hunting equipment’s performance, surroundings, and the likelihood of successfully hunting a rare species.

What makes MetaShooter unique is that it will be the first actual hunting game that gives hunting business development and hosting expertise and a link to blockchain and non-fungible tokens, which are hot topics right now.

How to start playing:

To begin, the player needs the following:

  1. Please create an account, link their crypto wallet, and begin exploring the market and assets in the game.
  2. They may investigate the gameplay and reward systems and choose the game types they want to play.
  3. Purchase and personalize a hunter: choose from a variety of equipment classes and other cosmetic options.
  4. Prepare to explore the realm of hunting!

Equipment Buying and Selling

MetaShooter described why it opted to integrate two multi-billion-dollar businesses, hunting, and blockchain, in order to create MetaShooter. According to the company, “One of our team’s aims is to develop a game that links the worlds of cryptography and non-cryptography,” they say. As with other specialized markets, MetaShooter aspires to modernize the hunting business, which is a major but niche sector in its own right.”

The squad has said that they would put its players first above all else. “We will take a significant step forward by bringing a large number of conventional gamers into the crypto realm, and one of the reasons for this is because we put our players first,” the statement said.

Seed Sales

The MetaShooter team started the seed sale recently. According to the team, seed sale is halfway done as more interested parties expressed their interest in the seed and more importantly, in the hunting opportunity.

MetaShooter socials: TwitterFacebookLinkedInTelegramMediumInstagramYouTube.

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