Meta Lion Circle Expands the Potential of NFTs as the First Carbon-Negative NFT Projects

Since NFTs continue to garner the attention of the general public, a wide range of potential uses for them have emerged. Meta Lion Circle presents an economical product that revolutionizes the virtual world while also addressing issues that exist in the real world, such as employment, education, the environment, and climate change. Recognizing the importance of deploying an innovative solution to tackle climate change, Meta Lion Circle became the first carbon-negative NFT project recognized by UNFCCC.

Exploring Meta Lion Circle’s Vision

Converging the drive for innovation and change, the Meta Lion Circle features 9,999 NFTs unique to the Ethereum blockchain ecosystem. Overall, there are 3,333 separate collections, each of which has 3,333 individual components. This project is based on real-world foundations that are rock-solid, and it was brought to life by a team that is very knowledgeable, talented, and experienced.

Meta Lion Circle embraces an inclusive approach to ensure that the community has a voice in shaping the technological future. Consequently, they present numerous, comprehensive, and significant use cases for NFTs, allowing them to realize their full potential as assets that create passive income on their own.

Their customized compensation NFTs (CO2CNFT) are designed to make it easier for members to earn certified compensation credits for the transactions they complete using their CO2CNFT. To offer stable income streams and continuously improve the value of their NFTs, each participant puts up their fullest effort toward the long-term growth, expansion, and diversification of their company.

How Meta Lion Circle Engages in Efforts to Combat Climate Change

Carbon emissions have an immensely detrimental influence on the environment, and the members of MLC want to show how to deal with this problem in the hope that other industries will follow their example. In the end, they aim to see fewer individuals and enterprises contributing to CO2 emissions, so they decided to utilize CO2 emissions from smart contracts to determine which NFT projects were the most sustainable.

Because addressing climate change is of the highest importance, the purpose of the Meta Lion Circle is to go above and beyond just accounting for the quantity of carbon dioxide their activities create. To accomplish this objective, they have already implemented their first two strategies: compensating for all past, current, and future transactions by spreading royalties on secondary market sales and creating their own offsetting non-financial transaction.

This breakthrough NFT project is also supported by sustainable leaders with a high-level vision, with one of their major partners being Bernard Koppes, who manages and owns South Africa’s largest private natural game reserve. Bernard aims to leverage the years of experience and expertise to guarantee the conversion and practical integration necessary for populating, expanding, and sustaining a species-appropriate ecosystem within the natural reserve.

Uncovering MLC’s Carbon-negative Pursuit

As the first carbon-negative NFT project, MLC has already fulfilled a key objective by receiving certification from the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, which went into effect on the 23rd of February, 2022. After that MLC became a winner of the Sustainable NFT Award 2022. The prize was established and conducted by Futuratives, a group of enthusiastic people united for building a preferable future. Moving forward, the natural game reserve is being certified as an offsetting project with the assistance of one of MLC’s business partners, ImpactScope. Once their self-generated CO2 credits are confirmed, they will return the income to the NFT holders who bought them.

Utilizing the ImpactScope offsetting credits that Meta Lion Circle has accumulated, its members and the projects with which they cooperate can offset their own transactions and mint their own personal CO2CNFTs. Currently, MLC developers are negotiating partnership agreements with several other projects so that they may take part in their offsetting program.

Are you willing to learn more about the ultimate mission of Meta Lion Circle to improve the overall ecology of their planet? You can now access their digital channels:


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