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Mercedes-Benz and Polygon will join hands to create a Data Exchange Platform: Acentrik

Mercedes-Benz and Polygon will join hands to create a Data Exchange Platform: Acentrik

Users will now have the privilege of buying and selling data through the Acentrik Platform—a Mercedes Benz and Polygon brainchild. Each NFT will consist of a metadata hash representing unique Acentrik datasets.

In recent news, Mercedes-Benz’s parent company, Daimler Group, revealed that its Southeast Asia division would release a data-sharing platform based on blockchain technology. It will be known by the name Acentrik and will use a layer-2 scaling solution of the Ethereum-based platform Polygon.

How will Acentrik affect its customer base?

The merger of the Daimler group and Polygon will give rise to Acentrik, where users can trade on data using non-fungible tokens. The users will access the results of several scientific trials, insurance details, and data-related insights.

The unique aspect of Acentrik is that any information or data will not be stored on the digital assets platform, which will give befitting competition to any of the major platforms regulating the sector. Singular NFT entities will only represent the dataset, and metadata hash will be saved on them.

Acentrik is going to be the new revolution in the data exchange sector. Traders can buy and sell information through the Ethereum and Polygon Rinkeby test networks.

To preserve the monetary value of each dataset, the enterprises will have to make their payments through stablecoins. The users will also have to pay gas fees, as all the transactions will take place on Polygon’s platform using the native coin of the network—MATIC.



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