2021 will be a revolution for everything related to blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies, DeFi, and NFTs. However, it was the meme coin category of cryptocurrencies that caused the most serious upheaval and positive effects. Since then, meme tokens have achieved some success due to the growing interest in this category of coins.

Mehracki (MKI) is an upcoming cryptocurrency that has impressive real-life applications. This project aims to better change the way meme tokens are recognized by developing a framework that makes the project attractive enough while preserving the basic meme elements.

Put Your Love and Soul into Mehracki (MKI)

Mehracki is a community-driven cryptocurrency based on Solana that can process up to 65000 transactions per second, which makes it one of the fastest cryptocurrencies.

The main objective of Mehracki revolves around cheap, fast, and borderless transactions, focusing on the industries classified as comfortable, such as tourism and hospitality. The rigorous service to the above areas promotes a fusion of communism, understanding, and beliefs.

First, users use this token for transactions, execute customer loyalty tokens, bypass expensive intermediaries, directly access consumer behaviour information to improve services and integrate recommendations and feedback systems.

Over time, it is aiming to integrate into an ecosystem that includes utility tokens, pleasing NFTs, DAOs, staking and yield farming and a marketplace that presents travel and hospitality businesses.

Mehracki is a community-led meme coin. Therefore, it is planned to create a system that allows active holders of Mehracki to control the platform. These users can submit suggestions to change the operation of its platform and vote on the decisions made by the core team.

Each voter’s voting rights are based on the balance of native tokens, on-chain, and off-chain activities, and the accumulation of points based on NFT ownership. Governance helps core teams make final but important decisions while driving the community.

Meme Coin King: Dogecoin (DOGE)

Dogecoin has been the most important meme cryptocurrency since 2013, after its launch people thought it was a joke but after its rapid growth as an alternative currency after the popularity of Bitcoin (BTC).

Dogecoin is now considered one of the most important kings of the memetic crypto ecosystem and is popular with eccentric entrepreneurs and billionaires, like Elon Musk.

He played a critical role in the meme coin niche boom as Dogecoin rebounded at 73 cents, raising its value to nearly $1. Meanwhile, Musk hasn’t given up, and he remains a stubborn supporter of the Meme coin.

Shiba Inu (SHIB) Racing for the Meme Coin Crown

With the launch of the Shiba Inu at the end of 2020, the meme coin contest became even more interesting. According to the anonymous creator Ryoshi, Shiba Inu is a voluntary experiment in a community-led initiative.

This is part of an attempt to defeat Dogecoin with the meme crypto crown and ensure that Shiba Inu is the top meme coin for investors. Although it is considered the second most valuable meme coin, its stock price has skyrocketed by more than 21,000%, making it one of the best meme coins to buy this year.

But its goal is not just to win the top spot through social media hype and publicity. The development team has been working on several use cases to maintain the relevance of the project and the main focus of the investor. The latest is to step into the Metaverse. According to a blog post on the website, Shiba Inu is trying to introduce a virtual real estate called Shiba Land.

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