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Meet the most secure and convenient cryptocurrency wallet 

The service is a modern tool that allows you to make the purchase, sale, exchange and store cryptocurrency and tokens in 187 countries of the world. 

At the moment, the project has over 500,000 unique users who buy cryptocurrency at the best price for euro, dollar, pound. 


1. Instant internal transfers without commissions.

2. Convenient transactions with more than 200 cryptocurrencies thanks to a nice interface. 

  1. The ability to send and request cryptocurrency using requisites of a personal crypto & bitcoin address, email, QR code. 
  2. Secure decentralized storage of cryptocurrency.
  3.  Quick exchange of cryptocurrency at the exchange rate in seconds.
  4.  Convenient balance tracking and detailed transaction history
  5.  Protecting the application with a code password, a fingerprint scan, or face unlock. 
  6. The ability for anyone to add their token to their wallet or blockchain. In case of any problems or questions, 24h support service [email protected] will help to solve them quickly. is designed to provide users with the best possibilities of using cryptocurrency.

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