Match Systems Takes the Lead in Investigating the Biggest Single Theft in the Recent Atomic Wallet Cyber Attack

Match Systems, a top-tier information security firm, has taken the lead in investigating the most significant theft incident during the recent cyber-attack on Atomic Wallet.

On June 3, 2023, hackers stole more than $35 million in assets from various users, with the largest theft from a single user being nearly $8 million. Match Systems is actively and closely investigating this case.

According to current evidence, the attackers exploited a recent update to the Atomic Wallet website and manipulated the software’s source code on the server to gain access to users’ private keys.

Match Systems is taking a critical role in this investigation, collaborating with other security companies and organizations capable of helping to trace the stolen assets. Our primary goal is to identify the perpetrators and recover the stolen funds, with a focus on the most significant theft of around $8 million.

If you need help with this incident, please fill out the contact form on Match Systems’ website:

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