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MAS Grants Private Securities License to CapBridge

MAS Grants Private Securities License to CapBridge

CapBridge, the global private podium, came up with an announcement today claiming that it has garnered approval for its combined entity, the CapBridge Platform Pte. Ltd, to run a private securities exchange. The approval comes from the MAS or Monetary Authority of Singapore for the initiation of the 1X private exchange to serve as an RMO or Recognized Market Operator in Singapore.

The Objective behind 1exchange Initiation

CEO and Founder at CapBridge, Mr. Johnson Chen stated, “The CapBridge private financial podium possesses a record of helping in the universal development of companies raising capital successfully. The platform is also known for offering private investors easy access to investment opportunities. The RNO exchange green light gives us the option of offering a more integrated network of private capital solutions to all the worthy organisations that are in the lookout of capital and the sophisticated investors who are seeking options of alternative growth.”

The structure of the 1X private exchange is quite exclusive and has been specifically designed for catalysing liquidity for the private firms before any exit event like an M&A situation or an IPO situation. The companies on the 1X listing are private and enjoy greater flexibility, lower costs and more control in comparison to the ones in public listing.

“Our holistic advance will boost the flow of capital for growth firms and also improvise liquidity options for the private investors. This will further serve to be highly advantageous for the ecosystem of the capital market. We are closely consulting the MAS and deeply appreciating their assistance to our objective of contributing to a more lively private capital market in Singapore. We will continue working with the MAS closely for uplifting the capital environment.” added Chen.

The Introduction of a Holistic Capital raising Environment

Working in close coordination, the 1 X private exchange and CapBridge will give growth firms the perfect environment for raising private capital. These firms include all those companies looking for capital or getting ready for different liquidity events. This will also include venture-backed and late-state firms with employees and shareholders in the lookout of monetising their shareholdings. The family-owned businesses are in no ways an exception.

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