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MarketsPilot Review

Owned and operated by Click World Ltd, MarketsPilot is a brokerage brand providing access to a wide range of trading services, for contracts based on cryptocurrencies. The company had already received two awards, “Best Online Trader 2016” at the Asia Traders Unions, and “Preferred Trader 2017” at the East European Commission. With the cryptocurrency market continuing to increase in popularity, the demand for crypto-based assets is also on its ascendency.

Online brands like MarketsPilot aim to provide an affordable and convenient solution for trading cryptocurrency-related contracts, without having to heal with traditional exchange platforms. At the same time, risks like blockchain delays or security issues vanish, given that traders don’t hold the underlying instruments and instead trade CFDs (Contracts for Difference) that track the exact price of cryptocurrencies.


The good news about MarketsPilot is that the company is specialized only in cryptocurrency-related services. Their entire offer is built around the idea of providing broader access to crypto-related instruments. As a result, traders will be able to trade tens of different crypto-based contracts. Tokens like Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, EOS, Litecoin, Monero, and tens of others are currently available. Fiat pairs denominated in US Dollar, Euro will make it easy for clients to trade some of the most liquid prices.

With deposits via credit/debit cards and wire transfers supported, it will be more convenient to start trading cryptocurrency contracts and profit from the market volatility. MarketsPilot accepts deposits in AUD, GBP, EUR, and USD. Traders can deposit directly via the company’s SIRIX Platform.

Trading Tools

One of the most important tools for any cryptocurrency is the platform and in order to provide a personalized offer, MarketsPilot had developed the SIRIX software solution, currently available via any modern browser, in a Desktop version, as well as Android and iOS-compatible versions.

Most of the trading tools integrated into the platform don’t differ by a large as compared to other trading software solutions, but there are still a few important additions.

Social Trading tools are integrated into the platform, allowing clients to track how some of the top-ranked traders had performed in the past. At the same time, the Social Stream window shows in real-time how each of the professional traders is placing orders. Beginners who don’t know to trade effectively and consistently will be able to get some trading ideas for free, as long as they have a live account.

Advanced charting, multiple time frames, drawing tools, and most of the popular price indicators are built into SIRIX as well. Deposits can be made directly via the platform, without any other login required.

With coverage for any type of device, all clients will be able to stay in touch with the markets and monitor all trades. MarketsPilot engineered a platform that’s an easily accessible gateway for any person with a computer and an internet connection, with all the latest technologies and a wide catalog of assets. Feel free to test SIRIX in order to get more insights into all of its features.

Account Types

To satisfy all demands, there are 7 different account types at MarketsPilot:

  • Student account ($1,000 deposit required, 1:200 maximum leverage, account manager, one monthly live webinar, etc.);
  • Advanced account ($5,000 deposit required, up to 1:200 leverage, account manager, expert adviser, etc.);
  • Semi-managed account ($10,000 deposit required, up to 1:500 leverage, 3x monthly webinars, expert adviser, account manager, etc.);
  • Fully managed account ($25,000 deposit required, up to 1:500 leverage, expert adviser, automated strategies, unlimited live webinars, weekly reports, etc.);
  • Pro account ($100,000 deposit required, expert adviser, automated strategies, in-depth research, weekly reports, account manager, etc);
  • Expert account ($500,000 deposit required, crypto expert, weekly reports, in-depth research, portfolio construction, automated strategies, etc.);
  • 1 million club account ($1 million deposit required, individual trading with cryptocurrency specialist, unlimited live webinars, weekly reports, automated strategies, portfolio construction, etc.).

The minimum deposit required via credit/debit card or wire transfer is 250 units in either of the currencies supported by MarketsPilot. When it comes to withdrawals, the minimum amount allowed is 50 units.

Educational Materials

Cryptocurrencies represent a relatively new topic for the broader audience and even for most of the traders. In order to help clients learn more about how to trade cryptocurrencies, MarketsPilot is offering a series of educational materials for those holding a live account. Depending on the account type chosen, each client will get access to a certain number of monthly webinars. Experts will talk about various relevant cryptocurrency topics, as well as an in-depth analysis of the recent market performance.

Weekly reports, portfolio construction, automated strategies, and crypto experts will serve as additional tools to enhance trading performance. However, traders must understand that all the educational features won’t do the work for them. It takes a lot of study, discipline, and diligence to learn how to trade cryptocurrencies.

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