Many P2E problems, one solution: Pixpel

The P2E world. We love it, we play, we have faith in its future. It has given us great opportunities, but it has worried us too.

There are hurdles in the way of the P2E games. Problems that affect both players and developers. Many of us wondered at one point: is it worth the effort? What’s going to happen to the value of my investment? Is it even safe to invest at all?

Pixpel! That’s where we step in. We’re the developers of Pixpel, but just as much gamers, who experienced all these problems and doubts. We have been scammed by unfair developers, we have suffered because of misguided ones, but we have also made profits and had fun. That is why we are here—to use our rich experience and provide a proper guide and a helping hand, towards a better P2E future.

Pixpel won’t be just another platform providing the same services as everyone else does. It will be a multifunctional GameFi platform aiming to provide a unique all-around service for both sides of the community—players and developers.

NFTs face the same big problem that crypto does—the so-called “rug-pulls”. Rug-pulls are a type of scam in which developers sell the project’s currency they aren’t supposed to sell, or simply abandon the project and take all the profits they can. This leads to losses for the investors. We want to change this and create a safe community, which is why, among other services helping the community, we created our unique “NFT insurance policy”, worth up to 70% of the purchase value of the NFT. This policy will reduce the number of rug-pulls and provide a platform for honest creators.

In Pixpel, all games will have a lobby site where developers will have to upload all the important information that players need in order to invest in their project:

• Token price

• Token supplies

• Updated charts

• The number of users

• The number of users staking the project’s coins

• The number of transactions

• Transaction data associated with the reward pools

• Any relevant information keeping the project as transparent as possible

Our services will provide a clean environment where malicious activity is impossible, thus increasing trust between players and developers.

But that’s not all. We wanted to build a platform where security is paramount, which is where Concordium—the first decentralized blockchain with layer identification on a protocol level—helped us. Concordium awarded us with the “Free and Open Grant” to help us build our project and establish a new standard for the sector. A standard that will improve the P2E sector in every regard—ease of use, transparency, security, enjoyment, and profits.

We aim to create a community with competitive games, providing room for growth and guidance for new and already established developers and players, thus increasing the income for both parties. 

Pixpel has already taken many steps to unite the fragmented P2E community, but we know the best way to do this is to constantly listen to our users and adjust based on their desires, expectations, and needs. To achieve this, Pixpel’s team will keep in touch with the community on our social networks and live chat platforms. 

If you want to know more about us, our features, release date, or simply want to talk with us or other users, follow us on @PixpelPlatform on Twitter, and Facebook or contact us via Discord or Telegram. Visit and find us!

Pixpel: Buiding the P2E future. 

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