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Making money in Cryptocurrency- Ways of earning through Cryptocurrency

Everyone wants to rule the world by becoming a billionaire. Everyone wants to show off their lifestyle by buying opulent homes and luxury watches. Now to achieve this there are two ways. Either you go the traditional way or you choose the way of earning through cryptocurrency. The former can be bit challenging in short period of time. However the latter can give you a good edge over the other. Yes, you heard that right. 

Earning money with the help of virtual currency or cryptocurrency can help you in achieving your dreams of living luxury lifestyle. You just need to get learn some ways of earning through cryptocurrency. In many developed countries Cryptocurrency has been legalized and trading is done in virtual currency. In this article you will get to know about different ways of making money in Cryptocurrency.

Ways of making money with the help of cryptocurency:

Buying and HODLing:

There are different types of cryptocurrency that are used for earning money online. Some of the popular currencies are Bitcoin, Monero, ethereum and Litecoin. All these currencies can be bought safely and are protected from any type of phishing attacks. The popularity of the cryptocurrency is such that it is always useful in getting a legal sanction from the currency boards of countries. They show an appreciation when it comes to US dollars and Euros.

Buying and holding virtual currency for dividends

Buying and holding is the process in the cryptocurrency that is similar to stock market trading. For example when you are dealing with cryptocurrency you get dividends similar to the stock market. Some of the popular currency that gives you high returns is NEO, BTMX and Ku Coin.

Staking of the cryptocurrency

Staking is a popular method that helps you in earning dual benefits. In this method there are two advantages. First is that you will get good crypto coins and second are the good rewards. In staking you hold the crypto coins for long period of time in a live wallet and secure the position through blockchain network. Some popular coins that you can use for dealing with staking are Neblio and komodo.

Master nodes

In the method of master codes, you will have to earn through the virtual network having nodes and a live wallet. The first thing is to make account on the portals of the master code network. Once you make the account you will have to have minimum number of coins so that you can take the advantage of this method. There are some popular stake currencies that have the functionality of the master code like Dash and Pivx.


All the transactions of the bitcoin require some kind of authorization through the blockchain network. There are different computers connected to execute the operation of transaction. There are some complex equations that are required to be solved. The more equations your computer solves, the more bit coins are rewarded. This process is called as crypto mining. 

The process of crypto mining is considered as the most lucrative method of earning the bit coins. Initially when you go by this method you need a heavy investment in your account. However over a period of time you can get good collection of the bit coins.


The process of arbitrage is another exciting way of earning the bit coins. In this method one has to purchase the coin at lower rate and then selling in the open market at a higher rate. Most of the beginners start with this method. The profits you get through this method depend upon different factors. Different factors include exchange rate of the country and transfer rate of the network you are working in. The more balanced the exchange rate, the more bit coins you can earn.

Benefits of the cryptocurrency

There are various types of benefits in the cryptocurrency and some of them are as follows

Fewer chances of frauds

Unlike other digital platforms that are used for transactions, in cryptocurrency there is less chance of frauds. The crypto currency network is always encrypted and is not prone to any type of fraudulent attacks. Because the operations of bitcoin are conducted digitally, there is no chance of counterfeiting and backtracking. It is safe from such attacks.

Less interference of the third parties

Generally, it is seen that most of the digital payment systems involves interplay of two or more than two parties. However, it is not so in the cryptocurrency network. There is not supervisory body and no legal presence of any body is required. There is no role of the third party in cryptocurrency systems.

Fees charged is very less

Most of you would think that since there is no role of the third parties so no money has to be given in any transaction. However, you have to pay a token amount for the online platform. But the money which you are going to pay online is less than the money you would pay to third parties.

Global status

As the cryptocurrency is becoming popular so it doesn’t have to keep any notes with any exchange rates and transaction amount. Also, there are no external limitations from other parties for accessing the money through bit coins. The popularity of the Cryptocurrency will be more in future.

The decentralization

Soon, the blockchain network will get decentralized and it will allow every individual to have access without any restrictions. Anyone will be able to access the system without any interference from anyone. 

Less chances of identity theft

This means that when you do transaction with the help of the credit cards, you are required to share lot of information. In cryptocurrency, there is a popular mechanism known as push technique that requires you to share only the information that merchant wants. No extra information is required to be shared. This makes it error proof and avoids any identity threats.


Finally from the above information, you can earn the good amount of money with the help of the cryptocurrency and the numerous benefits will compel you to accept ‘virtual notes’ for your future transactions.

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