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Mainstream Media Hails Fight 2 Fame As ‘The Second Sun After Bitcoin’ In The Expanding Cryptocurrency Industry

Fight 2 Fame represents a ‘once in a lifetime’ opportunity for global competitors to star in television, major motion pictures, and more, creating a new generation of international action stars in the process. The operation thrives on a stage powered by digital tokens. Known as the FF Token, this highly innovative approach financed by blockchain technology has seen Fight 2 Fame praised by a growing number of mainstream media outlets.

Fight 2 Fame operates on a framework powered by unique blockchain technology, supported by the FF Token. Licensed exchanges authorize FF Tokens in the same way as leading cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP, Tether, and Litecoin.

Cryptocurrencies are digital assets designed to work as a medium of exchange. Stored in digital ledger databases, such investments have exploded in popularity since Bitcoin began to rise to prominence.

With Bitcoin currently soaring in value, Fight 2 Fame and the media have now hailed its FF Token as something of a ‘second sun’ alongside its famous predecessor. The value of Bitcoin has increased massively recently, thanks in no small part to business magnate and Tesla chairman Elon Musk’s continued backing of the currency.

SpaceX founder Musk recently took to Twitter to encourage his 47 million followers to invest in Bitcoin. He also shared similar sentiments on the invitation-only social networking app, Clubhouse. Musk’s adoption of Clubhouse has reportedly seen the app’s appraisal rapidly jump from $100 million in December 2020 to $1 billion as of late January 2021.

The technology mogul’s show of public support for Bitcoin saw its value skyrocket to more than $44,000, an increase of over 1,000 percent in under a year. This demonstrates further public trust in the future of cryptocurrencies across the board, it’s been suggested.

Following the news of Bitcoin’s latest impressive rise in value, several financial institutions, industry experts, and mainstream media outlets sought to christen Fight 2 Fame’s FF Token ‘the second sun after Bitcoin in the cryptocurrency industry,’ according to the blockchain technology-backed team.

It’s an impressive group too, and one that includes a variety of highly prominent names from the worlds of technology, entertainment, and sports.

These include ‘Roaring Lion’ and renowned cage announcer Carlos Kremer, purported ‘Godfather of Blockchain’ Stan J. Larimer, entrepreneur and television superstar Fernando Carrillo.

They’re joined by supermodel Teca Thompson, Hollywood producers Philippe Diaz and Damian Lee, global events promoter Dennis Warner, Emmy winner Tim Smithe, and international boxing judge Tony Weeks, among others.

The operation’s growing team forms just a small part of Fight 2 Fame’s famous ‘BMS’ business model. Comprising blockchain, movies, and sports, it combines three already massive, profitable, and distinctly separate industries. The proposition most notably relies on the innovative leveraging of blockchain and associated technologies.

“Investment representatives from numerous countries around the world believe that they’ve missed the opportunity to make a fortune by buying into Bitcoin,” suggests Fight 2 Fame’s Chairman Tim Smithe. Many have since spoken out, he says, about the potential development opportunity of investing in FF Tokens.

With operations in the U.S., Latin America, Asia, and elsewhere, news of Fight 2 Fame has traveled fast. Outlining its growing prominence in Asia in particular, a representative for the BMS sector leader recently had this to say: “As the Chinese New Year arrives, the global pandemic has severely affected people’s work and life, causing serious damage to traditional industries. However, Fight 2 Fame uses blockchain technology and a voting mechanism to connect humans, movies, and sports.”

“The voting mechanism for events, people, and entertainment has been fully applied. FF Tokens are used as currency in entertainment, gaming, and elsewhere, recognizing consumption and calculation in the process.”

With this firmly in mind and being hailed by the global media, its team has pulled together to launch the EVO & Fight 2 Fame Million Dollar Tournament. Participants who meet stringent requirements are invited to join the tournament with a nominal commitment to FF Tokens, additional details of which are outlined on its official website.

Fight 2 Fame continues to attract growing attention from the mainstream media, particularly in China. Coverage has already been received from China Finance, China Bitcoin, BiTeWang, Self-Chain Finance, and Yiyi, each of whom has conducted one or more special reports on the subject.

Reports have included in-depth discussions surrounding the BMS outfit and its cryptocurrency token’s development, application, and unparalleled mastery of blockchain technology and other blockchain-involved fields.

The traceability of blockchain technology mastered by Fight 2 Fame and its unique characteristics have also reportedly been celebrated by Chinese media. “Subsequent and ongoing interviews with the media, particularly within the technology field, have aroused further high-level attention in the investment community, the cryptocurrency industry, and within society more generally,” says a Fight 2 Fame representative.

“Harvard University and various investment institutions in countries around the world have also gone on to rate Fight 2 Fame among the most successful and rewarding digital assets currently available,” they added.


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