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Life is Strange 2: A latest in series attuned to human shortcomings

life is strange 2

Dot not, one of the renowned French developers have recently launched a game called “Life is Strange” and the series is notably attuned to human shortcomings, including for the people who are grace with supernatural abilities to win the world. 

The gamers of “Life is Strange 2” reported that while playing, this game offers a vibe of the role of Sean Diaz, a teenager who lives in Seattle with his younger brother, Daniel, and his father Esteban. Sean is predicted as a good kid, his usual interest in digging Vonnegut, drawing, and loving his family. Although, Sean wishes for independence; he wishes to hang out with his friends and get away from his excitable younger brother who always bother him. 

life is strange 2

“Life is Strange 2” shines in its presentation of the characters who help the Dias brothers on the manner. Most of those people have intrusive character failings, whether they’re narrow-minded, egotistical, alcoholic, indolent or what have you ever, they are available across as works-in-progress. This game doesn’t celebrate winners however people who carry on and endure.

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“I think it’s true that when you’re creating something, it is political in every way because we hold up some of our own beliefs,” said co-director Michel Koch. “And sometimes deciding to speak about something or also deciding not to talk about a subject is a political decision in and of itself.”

Life is Strange two isn’t the only game to deal with politics. The primary BioShock, for instance, is all regarding the autumn of a Utopian society and is deeply influenced by the ideologies of thinker writer. Others, like Far Cry 5 and Deux Ex: human beings divided, traumatized politics to a degree, but ultimately skew more toward the quality power fantasies normally found in games.

“This story is taking place in the United States but I think all the themes we talk about are present in Europe and particularly in France too,” Co-director Raoul Barbet said. “We’ve got a lot of the issues with gun violence and a lot of discussions about borders and immigration.”

“Because of the interactivity of the media, we think it’s interesting to make the player think about those situations,” Barbet said. “We don’t want to say ‘this is good’ or ‘this is bad,’ or that you should do this or that — it’s more about putting the player in the shoes of Sean and letting them decide”

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