Libra Coin – A New Digital Currency Developed by FACEBOOK (5 Minute Guide)

Technology has improved the world around us, it is easy to send text, pictures and documents but why not money.

What if we made the money truly global, stable, and secure. What if everyone has invited to the Global economy with access to the same financial opportunities.

This thought laid a pavement for Introducing LIBRA a new global currency designed for the digital world, backed by the belief that money should be fast for everyone from any corner of the world.

Its powered by Blockchain, making it safe, accessible, no matter who you are and where you’re from.

Join the world of LibraCoin where money works for everyone.

Check out the following infographic on – Libra: Cryptocurrency By Facebook (In 5 Minutes)    Developed by


The Libra Blockchain is a decentralized, programmable database delineated to back a more stable cryptocurrency that will have the potential to serve as a well-organized channel of exchange for billions of people all around the world.

There is a Libra protocol to contrivance the Libra Blockchain and focuses to build a financial infrastructure that encourages innovation, nether hurdles to entry, and improves access to financial services.

To ratify the Libra protocol, the Libra core is implemented anticipating global integration to improve this new ecosystem.

This protocol allows a set of models – named as validators- from several authorities to mutually preserve a database of programmable means. These means are possessed by various user accounts verified by public key cryptography and adhere to custom rules quoted by the builders of these means.

Validators make transactions and commune with each other to reach an agreement on the state of the database. Transactions are based on a new programming language called Move.

Move language is used to explain the mechanism of blockchains, such as the currency and validator membership. These important mechanisms allow the creation of distinctive governance mechanism that develops on the less volatility and reputation of subsisting institutions in the initial days but changed to a completely open system over time

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