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Lamborghini just released their first NFT, and its very unique, to say the least

Lamborghini is set to enter the blockchain world with the introduction of its first NFT  next month. The Italian carmaker, which is in the middle of a bold transition to hybrid and electric sports vehicles, revealed plans to auction off a series of NFTs created in partnership with Swiss artist Fabian Oefner, as well as NFT Pro and Sotheby’s.

As it accelerates into the inky darkness of space, Oefner’s photograph portrays a Lamborghini breaking down into its integral components. Its design is less cartoonish than that of many of the more popular NFTs, such as the Bored Ape series, which raises concerns about how the crypto community will regard it as its something out of the mainstream.

Brands Incorporating NFT’s

In collaboration with NFT PRO and RM Sotheby’s, the carmaker will auction off five pairs of linked digital and physical art on the automaker’s unique NFT website between February 1 and February 4.

Lamborghini is following in the footsteps of Nike, Samsung, and other technology corporations in adopting NFTs. For example, Twitter has produced a unique profile-picture Hexa-shaped frame for NFT owners to show off their preferred NFT by linking their wallets to their accounts. Reddit has just entered the NFT fray by enabling users to post their artwork as their profile image.

Unlike many previous NFTs, the Lamborghini artwork will include five physical artefacts in addition to the digital pieces. These physical things should have worth even if the NFT mania fades, owing to the fact that they have been to space. Yes, you read that right.

As part of a cooperative research endeavour, Lamborghini sent send carbon fibre parts to the International Space Station in 2020. The actual Space Key, which contains the identical carbon fibre components, will be something the auction winners can hold and boast about.

The carbon fibre squares are contained in a customised box. They are etched with distinct QR codes that connect to the accompanying digital artwork made by Fabian Oefner, an artist recognised for a series of pieces that emphasise the mechanical world through mind-bending photos.

About the NFT

The image, dubbed Space-Time Memory, was generated by digitally assembling 1,500 separate images of the vehicle’s pieces to resemble a spaceship launching into space above the Earth, trailed by a trail of little mechanical parts. The view of the Earth in the backdrop was captured by a weather balloon deployed to the stratosphere’s edge.

The five photos differ somewhat from one another; when combined, they provide a fascinating succession of images with a feeling of motion.

Basically, it is a very expensive GIF.

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