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KuBitX to Accelerate Africa’s Market Pace with its Effectual Blockchain Incentives

With the world’s oldest record of human technological achievement to its credit, the vast continent of Africa prides itself with ancient findings and innovations in numerous domains including astronomy, medicine, metallurgy, mathematics, agriculture, maritime technology and warfare among the rest. The land has historically produced some great thinkers and intellectuals who have effectively carved out a smooth gateway for its successors to climb aboard the pinnacles of global progress. Ironically, the continent’s Science and Technological sector has suffered a major setback through the past three industrial revolutions. This, in all likelihood, owes mainly to the massive African brain drain to the OECD countries, that has occurred in the continent over time.

The aftermath has left Africa lacking in manpower – nevertheless, greatly abundant in opportunities to start from scratch and grow firm roots. The prospects for development and growth have increased manifolds with the arrival of technological exponentials like Blockchain which takes a detour from the redundant, promising a decentralised tomorrow. KuBitX is a dynamic platform born from this very idea of rekindling participation and global conversation of the African tech industry in innovation of platforms and products.

Comprising a seasoned team of Pan African Professionals that combine over 100 years of work experience in countries all over Africa, KuBitX is a mature ecosystem built around enabling easy, fast and cost-effective cross-border remittances to its users. Through its simple, effective, relatable products and platforms, KuBitX aims at piloting a mainstream Blockchain adoption by large. KuBitX ecosystem currently features 3 exhaustive products, namely, Digital Assets Exchange, KuBitX PROW and KuBitX African Marketplace (KAMP). The Digital Assets Exchange enhanced with fiat gateway provides the users with easy fiat translations, high liquidity at any point through cheap, simple, secure and efficient transactions. Further, its integration of Anti Marketing Manipulation tool serves to keep fraudulence at bay, drawing customer loyalty.

KuBitX Payments, Remittances and OTC Wallet (PROW) is the mobile interface / DApp that can be efficiently used for remittance internationally and within Africa using approved stable  coins, Stellar Lumens (XLM)  or  KuBitX  native  token  (KBX). The platform also paves way for users to earn passive income through the various rewards frequented on the app as referral bonuses and loyalty cashbacks for active users. With KuBitX, bill payments are expected to become a breeze while also allowing customers to travel within Africa using only one currency.

The KuBitX Africa Market Place (KAMP) is a hotbed for exchange of skill sets and services across the continent with KBX as the means of payment. The ultimate vision is to generate more open border jobs that are purely merit driven and bring social impact. KuBitX has positioned itself to leverage on collaboration, strategic partnerships and knowledge of the continent to build a global blockchain project that will expose Africa’s innovative abilities to the world.

Among the company’s latest developments is its partnership with the African Fintech Giant, Interswitch, working on a shared passion for Pan-Africanism. Interswitch has been building a BAAS platform in collaboration with Microsoft for developing a blockchain based supply chain financing platform within the continent. The new partnership between Interswitch and KuBitX is bound to prove to be a milestone in the progressive future of the African economic front.

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