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KPMG Enters the Metaverse and Makes a $30 Million Investment in Web3

KPMG Enters the Metaverse and Makes a $30 Million Investment in Web3

The Big Four Accounting Firms—KPMG Canada and the US—raised 30 million dollars to invest in the new Web3’s Metaverse “Collaboration Hub”. KPMG believes that Web3 and Metaverse are going to be the new revolutions of the Internet world.

At the Collision Conference conducted in Toronto last week, KPMG Canada’s talks about interest in the cryptocurrency have raised curiosity, and now its investments in Metaverse and Web3 suggest a big upheaval.

KPMG’s relationship with Web3

In a press release a few days ago, KPMG announced the opening of the very first Collaboration Hub of Metaverse, jointly by its Canadian and US arms. Investment in Metaverse is the fourth undertaking by KPMG with regard to Web3, and the firm even intends to expand on the same horizon.

In the announcement, Cliff Justice, the Head of US Enterprise Innovation at KPMG, stated that Web3.0 and Metaverse will define the next-gen internet and will completely transform how consumers and businesses interact, socialize, work, and transact.

Further, the business tycoons are moving quickly past the exploratory phase. They are planning on deploying the solutions to train their employees, expand their company in the revolutionized market, and engage with their customers.

KPMG Back Then vs. Now

The accounting firm has indulged in crypto by integrating cryptocurrency into its treasury. According to the reports of FXEmpire, KMPG has its maximum investments in ETH and BTC. Also, its US division has integrated Non-Fungible Tokens and Blockchain training for its new professionals onboard.

Despite KPMG’s advanced efforts in installing the latest technology into their company’s culture, they are still lagging in achieving the $1 trillion mark.


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