Kingdom Quest is Set to Define a True Gaming Metaverse Kingdom 

Not surprisingly, blockchain gaming is one of such nascent trends that is set to disrupt the existing gaming market. Through the introduction of the play-to-earn [P2E] model, these games reward users with crypto for actively playing and indirectly, aiding the growth of the community. 

With these blockchain-based games offering players an opportunity to earn as they play, a number of them have been launched, one of such is Kingdom Quest. 

Kingdom Quest 

Aimed at introducing revolutionary, intriguing, and immersive metaverse games to the industry, Kingdom Quest hopes to deliver a long-lasting and enjoyable gaming experience. Focusing, primarily, on impacting the blockchain gaming industry long-term, Kingdom Quest also hopes to build a sustainable, strong community where the feedback received from members is taken seriously and even minute details about the gameplay are adjusted to meet the demands of players. 

Leveraging blockchain technology, Kingdom Quest is a puzzle role-playing game that will be made available on PC and Mobile [iOS and Android]. Like most P2E-modeled games, Kingdom Quest has introduced a plethora of in-game items, characters, and currencies as NFTs. The difference, however, is that this blockchain-based game has, unprecedentedly, introduced the “4 game – 1 token” system. Gamers can use the Kingdom Quest token [KQC] everywhere on the metaverse. Furthermore, in-game NFT characters and items can be switched among  games to create special tasks. 

Incorporating a ranking system into its P2E mechanism, Kingdom Quest will rank players based on completed tasks they undertake. The rewards will be distributed based on the rank of the player. This is part of the development team’s strategies to curb inflation. 

Per the project roadmap, the other three titles or games of Kingdom Quest—Forgotten Waterworld, The Vast of Claudia, and The Defense of the Adventurers—have been scheduled to launch from now until Q4 of 2023. 

The Kingdom Quest – The Beginning Gameplay 

A puzzle role-playing game, as hitherto mentioned, Kingdom Quest – the Beginning is designed in such a way that players will have to recruit Heroes to solve mysterious puzzles, travel through mazes, foray deeper into dungeons, defeat enemies, hunt, and collect valuable treasures. With the sole purpose to protect the peace of the Kingdom, these Heroes will travel far beyond to hunt deep hidden treasures, regardless of the unforeseen danger. 

These Heroes are well-trained individuals sporting unique tools specific to them. They will do everything to defeat enemies and protect the Kingdom while pursuing their dreams of exploring and discovering secret treasures. Owning unique weapons and possessing unparalleled skill sets and fighting styles, these Heroes have been classed into three—Assassin, Mage, and Warrior. 

A mastery of the art of assassination, Assassins are feared in the Kingdom and have been known to have a higher advantage over Mages who, on the other hand, have been blessed by Mana with magical abilities. Warriors, per the team, undergo a series of training, making them disciplined and mechanical in delivering punishments. These facets make them tough opponents against Assassins. 

To achieve their ultimate purpose of protecting the Kingdom from enemies, Heroes are subjected to intense training and care. In the Kingdom Quest game, legendary fighters will have the privilege of taking in younger fighters and grooming them to become fierce, disciplined, strong, and remarkably brave Heroes ready to defend the peace of the Kingdom at all costs. 

With an initial DEX offering [IDO] for the first game set to be announced in February 2022, Kingdom Quest, through its interactive and intriguing gameplay, is out to redefine the blockchain and metaverse gaming industries.  

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