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Killing Floor 2: Yuletide brings new weapons and boss

killing floor 2

Another holiday season in Killing Floor 2 is finally here. The holiday season in the second installment of Killing Floor could mean only one thing, and that is the gamers are in for special festivities. The new festivity update comes with a name, i.e., Yuletide Horror, where the developer has put forward a new community map, namely Sanitarium. In addition to this, the update also introduces a new objective map in the game, namely, Biotics Lab.

The update has also introduced four new guns in the game, out of which two guns are free, and two guns are paid. Also, the update is bringing the return of Christmas Zeds. However, there is a significant addition that is coming to the game this year, i.e., Rachel Clamely. By the looks of it, the character is making debut for the first time in Killing Floor 2. The exciting part of the character is that Rachel Clamely is the new boss in the game who is called The Matriarch.

Why is Rachel Clamley an essential boss?

In Killing Floor 2, Rachel Clamley none other than the daughter of Horzine’s former C.E.O., Kevin Clamely. The entire company is responsible for outbreaking Zeds across the globe. In the first installment of Killing Floor, Kevin Clamely was the final boss, namely Patriarch. Kevin mutated himself after turning the zeds lose to destroy the very essence of humanity in the world, thus spreading the virus.

However, in the first installment, Rachel Clamley helped the main character of the game to bring down her mutated father alongside two of his clones. Nevertheless, in the second installment of the game, Rachel followed the footsteps of her father and became another hideous version of Matriarch. Rachel’s Matriarch features a Tesla Blast, Plasma Cannon, and the mutated Rachel can damage the central character with melee attacks.

The Matriarch is a mighty boss in Killing Floor

The Matriarch isn’t like the other bosses of the game. Instead, it is a multi-stage boss that has the power to combine the strength of different bosses. On the other hand, Matriarch also features unknown tricks that are unique and deadly. 

In the new update, the conventional boss battle is wholly built on four distinctive primary phases. Also, each of them is tied to individual states of health bars. Rachel’s Matriarch can escalade E.D.A.R. enemy waves, and these are added when Rachel transforms into a mutated form.

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There are ways by which the central character and its team can protect themselves from the new Matriarch. If gamers want to succeed in defeating Matriarch, then both of their teams have to keep moving. Also, they have to protect themselves by taking cover when necessary. Tripwire said that gamers have to pick up the warning cues for every attack that Matriarch makes.

Additionally, players also have to compartmentalize entire E.D.A.R. spawns, and they have to make sure not to get distracted from Matriarch’s unpredictable behavior. The developer has already said that the fight is going to be tough, and each time the player encounters Rachel, they will earn skin for Jaeger Weapon.

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