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Key advantages of a WL broker

The Forex market is handing a string of opportunities for new brokerage companies, no matter how intense the competition is. Meanwhile, beginner companies have no room for error; this is why every step should be well planned. Aside from the legal issues, every broker has to resolve a dilemma – which trading platform to implement.

Newer brokerage companies face two paths available to select: either to pave this way on their own, or to apply for White Label solutions.

What is White Label broker?

On the one hand, the Forex market is easy to conquer; meanwhile, beginners need to face a bunch of hurdles (financial, legal, technical). Insufficient market analysis may lead to an all-around failure.

What about the White Label model? An experienced company gives newer players a wild card, inviting them to join FX brokerage. That means a beginner gets professional assistance on every stage. Experienced specialists advise which jurisdiction to select, help newer brokers to establish a company, offer a WL trading platform, etc.

As for a trading platform, such a stage is amid the most important solutions for beginners. MT4 and MT5 are top solutions in the Forex market. To purchase these trading platforms is expensive enough for a newer player, as prices vary from $100 000 to $200 000 (not to mention maintenance costs). An MT4 White Label provider offers to leverage the platform and save much money.

What are the key pros of a WL brokerage company?

Beginners get multiple benefits through cooperation with experienced companies. WL solutions carry the following pros on board:

  1. Newer players don’t understand the overall picture of the FX market and its pitfalls while leading companies have a deep comprehension of the industry to give some valuable advice.
  2. Top companies offer beginners to leverage White Label solutions, getting a high-end platform with minimum expenses. Furthermore, professionals set up those solutions in accordance with brokers’ needs.
  3. Maintenance and 24/7 support are attached to the WL model of cooperation; this is why newer brokers avoid widespread mistakes and get a jumpstart on the market.

Here are the most obvious advantages newer players obtain, while the list of pros is much more extended.

How to choose a WL provider?

Beginner brokers understand that such a model is the perfect way to pave but which company to select? The market hosts numerous White Label providers. Take the following criteria into account:

  • The more services available, the better. Such an axiom is true when a company makes high-end products and updates them constantly.
  • A WL provider should be interested in your business development; otherwise, it will be hard to conquer the industry.
  • Make a dive into the statistics, understanding the number of clients, licenses, etc. to see the full picture.

While talking about today’s companies to offer WL solutions, B2Broker heads many rankings with more than 400 institutional clients and 18 diverse products. The company’s mission is to become your guide in the FX market, avoiding hurdles and pitfalls.

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