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Jurassic World Evolution boosted the revenues of Frontier Developments

Frontier Jurassic world

Frontier Developments, the video game company, has reportedly said that it is now expecting big profits! According to the company, Frontier Developments is getting more than triple of its first-half revenue after the launch of its new game. Jurassic World Evolution, has had a very successful launch back in June.

Frontier Developments PLC also said that they are confident that they will meet the revenue forecast of the analyst for 2019. The revelation came into being after Frontier Developments developed a record-breaking performance in late 2018. After getting the figures for sales which took place in the first half, the company is sure that it’s heading in a stronger direction.

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The gradual increase in the figures in the past few years!

The company is currently expecting to report the revenue of around £64mln for the first six months till 30th November. When contrasted with the earning of a year ago the figure has increased drastically from £19 million to £64 million. The revenue rate rose after the developer successfully launched the new Jurassic World Evolution game. The sale of the Planet Coaster and Elite Dangerous franchises also rose respectively.

The revenue in the prior fiscal year has come to an earning of GBP 34.2 million. This aggregate amount is explicitly based on the critically successful launch of the game, Jurassic World Evolution. The game was released in June 2018. As of now, the game has sold more than two million units. By far Jurassic World Evolution is the most successful game title which comes from Frontier Developments.

The game planet Coaster that was launched back in 2016, November, has recently hit the mark of two million. Elite Dangerous, the third of the published titles was released a few years back. Elite Dangerous was released in a tremendous way to Xbox One, PC, as well as PlayStation 4. It has reportedly sold more than three million copies worldwide.

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More exciting new games in the pipeline

CEO of Frontier Developments, David Braben, said via, they are pleased with the success of Jurassic World Evolution. Braben also said the Jurassic World Evolution is by far the most significant launch. Planet Coaster and Elite Dangerous are continuing to perform well in the long run too. The strategy of the company is to support, enhance and nurture every single game of their franchise.

Frontier has also revealed that they are currently developing a fourth franchise of the game. And as of now, the game is currently on the track, and it is scheduled for a worldwide release. The game is set for a release date between June 2019 and May 2020.

David Braben also said that he looks forward to providing more details regarding the fourth game franchise. Braben also assured that the existing game franchises are going to be updated frequently in the foreseeable future.

Jurassic World Evolution is completely based on the Chris Pratt movie which released in the year 2015. The basics of the game are that players have to construct a dinosaur park on, Las Cinco Muertes Archipelago. An archipelago is a group of five islands which is also regarded as the Five Deaths of the game.

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