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Cryptocurrency News | Job Offerings and Seekers witness similar downfall as Crypto Markets

As of now, all the crypto enthusiasts and the market participants might be aware of the slumping crypto market for the past couple of days. The crypto market had fallen from the highs of last year to the current lows of this year. Interestingly, job offerings in the blockchain have experienced a similar decline as that of the crypto market.

Declining Job Opportunities

According to a leading news outlet report, the demand for the blockchain coders, specialists have plunged while the crypto market has experienced the same. The report mentioned that has done another study on this particular matter.

Jane Vaden, the PR Manager of the US-based Indeed firm spoke to the news outlet on the matter. She said that from October last year to October this year, the job seeker interest for positions that are related to the blockchain, crypto, and bitcoin have slumped down by 3.06 percent. While the employer interest for the roles that are related to the similar terms increased by 25.49 percent.

She also added that if we look at the info from the year before, then the job seeker interest for the same roles increased by 481.61 percent. And the employer interest for roles that related to the same terms increased by 325 percent.

Jane also shared a chart that represented the growth and decline in the job offerings and seekers. The original chart can be seen below.

The blue line in the chart represents the people looking for work in the blockchain industry. The red line indicates the employers who are seeking for such qualified and experienced people.

Currently, there are fewer individuals who are looking for such kind of work. However, the industry is growing by 25 percent in demand for seekers is not a small thing. The blockchain is creating very good jobs for the people who are capable of doing such work.  

Emerging Demands

This kind of new demand and growth in any other sector without a doubt would be remarkable. It’s hard to expect growth in the blockchain and crypto industry when SEC like agencies are knocking down the doors. While a sector that is confusingly regulated, it’s very hard to predict firms will continue going all in at an exponential rate amid all the regulations.

However, the upcoming days will be crucial for the crypto market as the bitcoin price had fallen less than $5000 for the past 24 hours more losses will are likely to happen.


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