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JIL TOKENS Simplifies Cryptocurrency Transactions For The Non-Technical User

With the evolution of blockchain technology, cryptocurrency is becoming increasingly popular across the globe. The JIL TOKENS mission is to simplify the use of cryptocurrency and empower cryptocurrency growth. 

Every day the global economy is advancing towards the digital ecosystem and cryptocurrency has become a promising addition. Efficiency and rapid transactions are just a few features that are causing cryptocurrency to gain momentum worldwide. In order to simplify the crypto experience, JIL TOKENS offers an easy solution.

According to the official spokesperson of the company, JIL TOKENS, which is comprised of two tokens, the JILT and their main project token the J1, were developed with the aim of enabling users to buy as well as transfer cryptocurrency without unnecessary additional costs such as gas fees. The J1 token will allow individuals to use cryptocurrency in this manner. 

Through the use of blockchain technology, the main goal of the company is to offer a fast, secure, and user-friendly payment solution to users. This is the future role of the J1 token. The short definition of the J1 essentially is the tokenization of USD on the blockchain. The J1 is not like most cryptocurrency on the market because it does not have fractional value thus making its value easy to understand.  If you know how to spend an American dollar, you know how to spend a J1.

Moreover, acting as a payment solution, the J1 can help in providing an alternative to the expensive processing fees of credit cards, a bonus for merchants looking to save revenue. The J1, with its high utility uses, is destined to become a competitive payment option throughout the world. As it is accepted internationally, seamless transactions will be facilitated between merchants and consumers both online and offline. 

In addition to serving those new to the world of cryptocurrency, the maintenance of trust and a transparent relationship is a core value of the company. Trust and transparency are currently being maintained through the use of the Ethereum blockchain as their prime audit method. This ensures accountability during all transactions of their limited edition token, the JILT (JLT).

Another core value of the JIL TOKENS team is providing support to their users. Individuals who have little or no technical experience in blockchain and cryptocurrency have access to help with understanding these topics as well as with the operational process of JIL TOKENS.  The company has been successfully providing support and solutions for their users since the beginning of its online presence. 

JIL TOKENS has a team of experts who are dedicated to making the project a great success. The highly proficient team is available day or night regardless of what time zone an individual may reside in offering valuable and simple crypto solutions around the clock, thereby enabling a top-notch personalized user experience. 

About the Company:

JONES INDUSTRIES LLC was established in 2008.  Jones Industries is a holding company whose interests include cryptocurrency, book publishing, and fashion. The company has successfully developed the JILT, for fundraising purposes and liquidity for their main project, the  J1 token which enables easy transference of crypto p2p. The J1 does not possess any volatility,  is user-friendly, and is a secure payment solution. It enables new users in understanding the cryptocurrency process and gives open access to a complex ecosystem. The J1 was developed in late August 2018 with the purpose of causing worldwide mass adoption of cryptocurrency. 

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