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JCT is the World First Utility Token using Blockchain to access Japanese Content

Due to the issues regarding the centralization, and the distribution of contents, JCT has decided to create a platform that allows access to Japanese Content using Smart Contract.

“Japan Content Token which is a unique ticket distribution platform where people, from Asian countries of rapid economic growth, could access to the Japan contents via blockchain smart contract and cryptocurrency token ” said Chairman Mizuyama of JCT. “In the future, we will improve the platform for domestic and foreign users to consume Japan contents and we will actively promote it,” he added.


JCT is using blockchain technology, to create a secondary market for ticket reservation for special events and experiential events. This provides a clear way of doing resale.

This secondary place allows the possibility of last-minute bookings and able user to make reservations with minimized considerations for the future uncertainty.

JCT is an ERC20 Token which is listed on global cryptocurrency exchanges such as BITMART, CYBEX and Fcoin. On the jacket platform, which is core of JCT Project unables ticket issuance and act as secondary distribution service platform where users could buy and sell tickets to experience various cultural events across Japan. At present, the JCT token is used as an incentive and to pay for transaction fees in the whole distribution process.

Japan’s leading quality magazine , Discover Japan one of the contents that are offered by the JaCKET. The Chairman Hirofumi Mizuyama has a very strong profile, he is former member of Boston Consulting Group which assisted some of the top most companies to get listed on Tokyo Stock Exchange.

OTAKU for JaCKET A media channel where critique, interaction, and test marketing towards Japanese sub-cultures are displayed. Reservations of events and purchasing and reselling of goods all related to voice actors or animations are also enabled through this channel.

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