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Japanese Advertising Giant Dentsu Uses blockchian to Help Content Creators


One of the largest advertising firms in Japan, Dentsu partners with Kadokawa Ascii research laboratories to help content creators using blockchain technology.

As per the recent reports, the Japanese advertising agency Dentsu Dentsuhas partnered with Kadokawa Ascii research laboratories to help content creators to be recognized in the market, using blockchain technology.

It is using a Proof of Concept to reward content creators, even if they use copyrighted content. As of now, it is targeting people commenting on popular Japanse comic, Manga, with live-stream applications. The news was confirmed by a local news outlet Nikkei newspaper.

Videos created by creators on YouTube and other popular live-streaming apps are often demonetized owing to copyright infringement issues. As a part of their collaboration, Dentsu and Kadokawa aim to make it easier for people making commentary videos on popular platforms to earn money, through blockchain, if they possibly use some copyrighted content.

On the other hand, it is also aiming to educate secondary and tertiary creators (people who comment on Manga using Livestream apps, and those who translate those into other languages respectively) about the range of allowed content in these platforms. 

Commenting on the partnership, a spokesperson from Dentsu said, “We want to integrate fans’ work that had previously not been valued as a legitimate market.”

The Japanese Government has recently taken an initiative to manage content creators and their work using blockchain technology. Under this initiative, the Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry announced last year that it will provide up to 50 million yen for companies with the same vision. 

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